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Sending year 6 DD back or not?

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CoffeeTeaChocolate Mon 25-May-20 07:36:31

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if any teacher who is going back on June 1st would mind sharing some thoughts on whether to send my DC back on June 1st or not?

Current provision for distant learning is brilliant. They have stated that they will continue to provide distance learning for the children which not are going back (about 70/30 split). If needed, I could also help DD to boast English / Maths / Science.

I wanted to send DD back to have her last time with her friends (even if it will be a pain with pick-up / drop-off) as I have two other DCs year 3 and 4, not going back. And we have no car. However, I understand that there will be no sets in English and maths, distancing measures, lunch at their desks and possibly no specialist teachers. They will not be able to see friends outside their bubble. It almost sounds like it would be a better educational offering at home, she could play with her siblings, skype her friends and we would have more flexibility to meet with her closest friends a distant park picnic depending on lockdown regulations.

For the teachers who are dealing with this, would you send your child back?

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Kitcat122 Mon 25-May-20 08:36:24

I have a year 6 child. I am a TA. I also have younger children staying home. I am sending her in as I feel it is important with high school coming up. I totally understand you reservations I have the same. I am going to send her and see how it goes.

Lulu1919 Mon 25-May-20 08:46:31

I'm a TA I've been in school,right from the beginning of the closures every day
If you can keep your child home and they are happy do it .
School will not be what it's not going to be fun trust me !

steppemum Mon 25-May-20 08:53:55

I would send her in. If you know her friends, I might make sure they all went in on the same day!

But I wouldn't necessarily keep sending her in if she was not enjoying it and distance learning isn't working.

The reason for sendign her in for me would be a chance to see people and say goodbye to the school.

I have a feeling though that schools are going to slide back to 'normal' quicker than we think, but mid-July, I think we may have a lot of kids in.

Kitcat122 Mon 25-May-20 08:58:19

It's definitely going to be different but I don't think you can say it's not going to be fun. Our school is making it as fun as possible for the children.

Geraniumblue Mon 25-May-20 09:02:42

What does she want to do? Maybe try it and see?

CoffeeTeaChocolate Mon 25-May-20 09:09:20

Thank you all so much for your thoughts.

Her best friends are not in the 10 people bubble she is allocated sad

School days would be 9-4 five days a week. I worry about her being stuck inside the classroom for most of the day.

She is fine with not going back (has checked her allocated bubble and not happy that non of her closest friends are there).

I do want her to say goodbye to school and friends though...

And if the schools are changing back to normal, it is completely different. She usually loves school.

It is so hard.

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sunrainwind Mon 25-May-20 09:15:50

I'm sending my younger child in - but for a year 6 I'd let it be their choice. Or at least try for a week and then withdraw her if it's making her miserable.

steppemum Mon 25-May-20 10:10:59

if she is really separated from all her friends in her bubble, I would write to school and say that. Nicely of course, but they may not have realised. In general they will try and put friends in together.

ifonly4 Mon 25-May-20 10:39:57

The main thing for me is what the school would be doing to integrate her into her new school. Usually they'd be visits to new school, teachers visiting her present school and work being set.

HorsesDoovers Mon 25-May-20 10:47:18

I am still pondering this for my Yr6 DS. I had a thread in Primary Education about the conversation I had with the Deputy Head to discuss exactly how they will approach it. It won't be school as they know it by any means. But on balance I am leaning towards sending him simply because it is such a long time without any formal education otherwise and such a huge transition to Senior School. I can support him with home learning, school have now said they will continue to set work for those at home (although they won't mark it) but I think he needs the structure of a school day just to get back in the swing of things. He's actually very happy at home so this is not a straightforward decision.
Regarding Senior School transition they have said there won't be any of the usual visits, but they will do things like virtual video tours, and teachers will come and visit each bubble, so they will at least get something.

nobbymcphailisverypale Mon 25-May-20 10:57:01

How did they pick the bubbles, OP? I know at some schools they are doing by social group, which I was pleasantly surprised by. No idea at my school as my DC's are in yrs 3 and 5 so it's not something we need to think about.

I think I would leave the decision up to your DD. But at the same time, see if there is any leeway with the school re the bubbles. It's not fair if others are with friends but she's not.

CoffeeTeaChocolate Mon 25-May-20 11:13:57

Bubbles are part of their existing class (some taken out to enable the 15 child bubble) and new bubbles created - my DD is with children from her class.

However, they mix the classes every year and her best friends are usually in other classes, but together in maths and English (same set), sports, music etc. This means that she now won’t really be seeing them at any point in the day.

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Reastie Mon 25-May-20 11:18:45

I’m a teacher but secondary. If your purpose of sending her in is to have the last few weeks with her friends and she isn’t in a bubble with her friends that kinds of makes part of a decision for you (?).

School will be very different to normal. I’d she’s coping mentally ok at home and you don’t have any concerns about her needing for her mh to be with her peers if it were me I wouldn’t send her in in your situ.

Orangeblossom78 Mon 25-May-20 11:23:48

I have a year 6 nd used to teach primary- I remember that at this time of year after their SATs the children mainly did't do much but have fun and do plays, end of term things at this time of year. So I'm not too worried about the education this term- they start again in secondary next year as well.

However mine is keen to go back and mainly for getting out of the house, seeing some other children I feel it is a good idea. They have lovely grounds and fields too and have been advised to use the outside while we live in a flat so that decided it for me as well.

RigaBalsam Mon 25-May-20 11:27:05

After looking at the SAGE documents I am not going to send my daughter in. Needs more time.

CoffeeTeaChocolate Mon 25-May-20 12:05:35

We live in a flat... but next to a park. The school has no grounds and only a tiny inside area...

They were supposed to do a lot of fun things (there was a cancelled play) and I have also heard that they do less. I don’t want her to go backwards though.

She is a average in English, but made a huge effort on home learning, much more than in school. She is at the very top in maths, so a lack of sets would not be too good. Not sure if home learning would be phased out as well...

So hard...

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Emmy2020 Fri 29-May-20 10:27:22

@CoffeeTeaChocolate I don’t know what to do either! My year 6 daughter really doesn’t want to go back and I have another daughter in secondary school that isn’t going back until September. I’m due in September.
Wondering whether to send her for a few days to see how she gets on and take her out if she doesn’t get on with it? Will I be able to do that or will I get fined?? On one hand I want her to get in a routine etc but on the other I feel maybe it’s better to keep her off and homeschool so it’s safer and also I don’t have to keep driving back and forward to school which is an hour and a half walk if we walked. Argh I’m so undecided!

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