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Schools reopening - childminders

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ElsasSalamander Sun 24-May-20 22:38:50

Anyone know if childminders are allowed to have school children before/after school & do the school run after 1st June reopening? I can’t see anything in the DfE guidance that explicitly says this. Thanks

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SandieCheeks Sun 24-May-20 22:43:19

DfE guidance is:
To minimise contact between groups of children and staff, children should attend just one setting wherever possible and parents and carers should be encouraged to minimise as far as possible the number of education and childcare settings their child attends. Childminding settings should consider how they can work with parents and carers to agree how best to manage any necessary journeys, for example pick-ups and drop-offs at schools, to reduce the need for a provider to travel with groups of children.

Some local authorities and schools have decided to ban childminders from doing school runs, though I'm not sure how this can be enforced.

ElsasSalamander Sun 24-May-20 23:28:45

Ok thanks for that. It’s not exactly clear then. confused. We may need wrap around care but won’t be able to access it at school if DD moves out of the keyworker group back into her class bubble. Just trying to figure out if our CM is an option but reading that it doesn’t look like it.

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