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Early years childcare in Scotland

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xtinak Sun 24-May-20 18:13:29

What are people doing at the moment and what are your plans? Our nursery closed even to key workers as there weren't enough. Have been without childcare to this point but I don't think this can go on. I have one set of grandparents willing to help under some arrangement so I think I will avail myself of this option. Our neighbours are. Do you think nurseries will open in June? Is it a good idea to try and find a childminder at this point? Would love to hear others' thoughts and plans.

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sparkle17 Sun 24-May-20 18:20:41

It is still so unclear. It seems that guidance is still for only children with one keyworker as a parent.
There may be changes in phase 1 for childminders but I emailed one a few days ago and she was still not sure what the exact guidance will be. If childminders are more widely available then I'm considering using it for 1-2 days per week until nursery opens up. I have 3 under 5 and I'm struggling. I am also unclear about guidance for grandparents helping out with childcare. I think the route map for Scotland is not very clear. Let me know if you get any concrete information.

xtinak Sun 24-May-20 20:24:40

3 under 5 must be incredibly tough.

I'm unclear on the grandparents thing as well. Nicola Sturgeon seemed to say something about grandparents "in a childminder situation" which is open to interpretation.

Likewise please share if you get any clarity!

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