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Who do you think comes out of this well?

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randomer Sun 24-May-20 13:03:20

Any of the government? The Scientists? the opposition parties?

Early on, I quite like the way RS spoke, but only because it was in properly formed sentences and he looked like he was slightly bothered.

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CaptainMerica Sun 24-May-20 15:54:16

I think Nicola Sturgeon has come out looking pretty good. Not sure that will hold up, in the face of unpopular but arguably necessary decisions.

Obviously, New Zealand are looking good. Ireland not bad either.

On a more personal level, the employers who have been flexible and caring. The holiday companies who have handed out refunds. The local shops doing deliveries. The army of Facebook volunteers. The NHS. The teachers and head teachers doing their best.

chairandchairalike Sun 24-May-20 15:56:57

Kirsty Williams education secretary for wales

CuppaZa Sun 24-May-20 15:59:36

I came on to say divorce lawyers but I clearly got the wrong end of the stick grinblush

MRex Sun 24-May-20 16:02:22

Rishi Sunak has been very impressive, he picked up the brief very quickly and has been at the helm while so much has changed so quickly. The Exchequer usually moves at the speed of your average glacier, so he must be doing something different.

I'd like to know who managed the NHS Nightingale builds. While we're all grateful they haven't yet been needed in earnest, it was an incredible achievement. I think perhaps the project lead came from the army, because there's been such silence about who it was.

randomer Sun 24-May-20 16:07:26

No@Cuppa, we can widen out the discussion! Why not?

Artisan Coffee vans

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 24-May-20 16:08:47

BBC for the daily lessons
The various online programmes who made their content free for families during this time, like Maths Factor.
Joe Wickes and other well known faces doing their best for children

Ffsnosexallowed Sun 24-May-20 16:10:18

Jason Leitch and nicola Sturgeon have shown real leadership.

randomer Sun 24-May-20 16:11:55

NS can speak in a coherent fashion and has a professional appearance, which is a good start.

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2468whodoyouappreciate Sun 24-May-20 16:14:54

Funeral directors, any producer of bleach/disinfectant and hand sanitizer.

No opticians for sure.

2468whodoyouappreciate Sun 24-May-20 16:15:26

*politicians not opticians grin

Redolent Sun 24-May-20 16:15:39

Bloody Joe Wicks.

Dontlickthetrolley Sun 24-May-20 16:17:18

Zoom share holders

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 24-May-20 16:18:53

Epidemiologists. Not only have they something to get their teeth into, but people now know what they do, and it's nothing to do with skin care!

MonkeyToesOfDoom Sun 24-May-20 16:22:57

My local Cafe.
As soon as lockdown started and they had to shut their doors to customers they turned their cafe into a kind of social kitchen and started providing hot, hand made and delivered meals to the elderly and the shielding around the town.
In response alot of people in the town have bought cakes and hot chocolate kits and the like from them to keep them afloat.
I think their efforts will be remembered when they reopen.

ssd Sun 24-May-20 16:23:04

New Zealand has come out well of it

Otherwise Nicola Sturgeon and her team

Barkingfuckingdogs Sun 24-May-20 16:28:40


Barkingfuckingdogs Sun 24-May-20 16:28:56


randomer Sun 24-May-20 17:23:52

Blossom Hill

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ellabella18 Sun 24-May-20 17:29:25

Carex & Amazon

ToffeeYoghurt Sun 24-May-20 17:34:57

New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic (eased lockdown but mandatory facemasks in public).
These are just some of the countries that come out of this well.

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