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Anyone had a test recently?

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Igotta Sat 23-May-20 22:36:41

DM had to take a coronavirus test today, it was sent from the government website.

Does anyone know how long it'll be before she gets the results? We weren't sure if it would take longer due to the weekend and bank holiday.

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Idododoidadada Sat 23-May-20 22:47:34

I’ve had a test, it took 27 hours to come back. Colleague had one 9 days later and had result within 24 hours. A dr friend had a test Thursday - no result as yet so, it may depend on area.

I don’t know if anyone could advise you on if a bank holiday will affect your DM test results time tbh.

Trevsadick Sat 23-May-20 23:01:43

Was it a home test and has it been picked up?

I had one Wednesday lunchtime, but went to the testing drive thru. I got the results back Friday morning.

Igotta Sat 23-May-20 23:06:27

Yes was a home test and she said it was collected at lunchtime today.

She's not too poorly but is obviously a bit concerned that she's had to have a test.

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Risotto4tea Sat 23-May-20 23:08:01

Took a test wednesday (picked up in the eve by courier) result first thing friday morning

HipTightOnions Sat 23-May-20 23:30:33

My son had a test (drive though) yesterday 2.30 ish. Result came 9.30 this evening.

Igotta Mon 25-May-20 16:06:35

Wow that was quick. I'm hoping she hears in the next day or two.

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Igotta Tue 26-May-20 20:06:58

I'm guessing they don't work Sundays or bank holidays as no results yet.

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Igotta Wed 27-May-20 16:55:01

Still no results, I'm hoping the bank holiday won't mean it is too late to use the sample, and she'll have to redo it.

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pumpkinpatch909 Wed 27-May-20 19:16:22

home test took exactly seven days

normal test took 24 hrs

ExpletiveDelighted Wed 27-May-20 19:33:02

Drive through - tested last Thurs lunchtime, results came by text at 6am Saturday.

whatnametopick Wed 27-May-20 19:41:15

Mine was collected Monday and I got the rusults 1 hour ago (negative)

Igotta Wed 27-May-20 20:10:21

They must have different labs, she's not feeling too poorly now but still wants her results.

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BlackLambAndGreyFalcon Wed 27-May-20 20:25:03

I did a home test on Friday and got my results this afternoon.

0htooooodles Wed 27-May-20 20:26:54

Mine got picked up Monday, and received the results today

BellaMoo Wed 27-May-20 21:02:15

I did a drive through one on Tuesday morning. Still waiting for the results.

BipolarSunset Wed 27-May-20 21:22:11

I had the home test two-ish weeks ago. First one collection never arrived so had to re-do the whole process. Second test took 9 days for results to come through!

Igotta Wed 27-May-20 21:26:28

Thanks it seems a bit hit and miss. Has anyone had a positive result?

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Chasingsquirrels Wed 27-May-20 21:28:25

ONS survey test at home this morning, and last Wednesday.
We don't get the results, although they are sent to our GP and I understand we can enquire about them. I'd assume the GP would contact us to self isolate if they were positive.

thatcarolebaskinbitch Wed 27-May-20 21:33:34

Courier picked up my test on the Thursday at 3pm and had the result by 11am Saturday so just under 48 hours, mine was negative but that was expected as I was one of the random asymptomatic people chosen to do one for the study.

Waitingforsleep2 Wed 27-May-20 21:34:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Troels Wed 27-May-20 21:53:39

Mine was done along with other staff at work, the testers came to us. 5 day later they finally told me my results, most took 48 hrs some 3 and 4 days, one never came back and had to be redone.
It's too slow, I had to take that week off work not knowing if I could go in, and they had to cover mine and a lot of other staffs shifts.
I ended up with symptoms and nearly 3 weeks off in the end. Just went back the other day.

Haz1516 Wed 27-May-20 21:55:35

Brother in law had to go to a converted leisure centre turned testing facility after someone he worked with (although indirectly) tested positive. Results back within 3 days, negative.

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