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November 2020 weddings

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chickentikka2020 Sat 23-May-20 21:58:40

My family and me are supposed to be guests at a wedding on 21st November. What are the chances of this wedding going ahead? We are getting a little concerned for the couple.

They have an large exclusive venue in the UK. Do you think they might still be allowed to go ahead but with reduced numbers?

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chickentikka2020 Sun 24-May-20 12:16:17


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chickentikka2020 Sun 24-May-20 12:16:30


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Bol87 Sun 24-May-20 12:28:23

Possibly.. no-one can really say what we’ll be like in November. We could be really on top of the virus, it could have weirdly disappeared (unlikely) or mutated to a lesser strain (possible), we could be in the middle of another peak, it could get worse because of winter.. we may have had another bad period in say Aug/Sept leading venues to cancel events that at the moment are still going ahead etc etc.. but be doing OK again. .

Perhaps bear in mind that many offices have said they’ll remain closed until late 2020 if not new year!

I think that’s the hardest thing about all this, the uncertainty sad I really feel for those with weddings booked. I personally would probably cancel & re-book for next year. Much more chance things will be a’ok next November!

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