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If you dont want to send your kids back to school in june...

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ScottishStottie Sat 23-May-20 19:17:26

Will you still be expecting the teacher to be setting work to do from home?

Not sure whats going to be happening here but i imagine that once teachers are back in the classroom then thats the lessons they are teaching and preparing for, i cant imagine they will have the time to do everything twice in different formats.

So if you are keeping your children off are you preparing lessons/school schedules to properly home school them?

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Daffodil101 Sat 23-May-20 19:19:18

I think our school has said they will still post stuff online

Theforest Sat 23-May-20 19:21:14

Our primary school has said that the children in class will be doing exactly the same as the work presented to those working from home.

Qasd Sat 23-May-20 19:21:38

With only some year groups back and many schools not offering full time places then some provision of online work would seem sensible (our school isn’t doing online work now in any real sense and I think a fair few primaries are not so it may not be a big issue for many anyway)

tilder Sat 23-May-20 19:21:45

My understanding is the kids in school will complete the online tasks. Just in school rather than at home.

SorrelBlackbeak Sat 23-May-20 19:22:14

Fairly few children will be going back on 1st June so I'd certainly expect work to d'initié for years 2-5. Our school has confirmed they'll carrying on working online.

CocoCorona Sat 23-May-20 19:22:28

They’ll be doing the same stuff kids at home are doing. You can’t expect teachers to do 2 lots of work.

scrivette Sat 23-May-20 19:22:30

Our school said they will still be setting online home learning for those who are not in school.

Foobydoo Sat 23-May-20 19:23:20

Schools are still setting online work as most children will not be given full time schooling, due due space and staffing issues.

Apple1971 Sat 23-May-20 19:23:33

I’m secondary. We have been working towards a plan to get yr10/12 although it’s changing as government advice keeps changing!

If they do come in, I will see my year 10 group once a fortnight (on a rota) so will be putting what i do online for those that don’t come in.

FourTeaFallOut Sat 23-May-20 19:26:05

Are you expecting children to return to school in September on a full curriculum? Because I think that will be unlikely and that online learning will be employed in a far more comprehensive manner to fill home-school days and to teach children from shielded households.

Shitfuckoh Sat 23-May-20 19:36:21

Well for my 5 year old, his school is only offering 1 day a week in school, possibly rising to 2 if safety & staffing allows for R, Year 1 & 6.
I suspect they will need to be 'online learning' for the other 3 or 4 days a week.
Although if there is no work set, that's fine. We're coping just fine & to be honest, the school haven't set very much up to now! (I've opted not to send my Yr1 to school)

Shitfuckoh Sat 23-May-20 19:37:59

@FourTeaFallOut I've been saying for a while now that school may not be as it was, come September. I've been told I'm from a different planet & that things will be normal in September. It will be interesting to see what changes between now and then.

Pacmanitee Sat 23-May-20 19:39:28

They’ll be doing the same stuff kids at home are doing. You can’t expect teachers to do 2 lots of work.

I think OP was asking whether anything would be posted online, not whether there would be 2 different sets, one for online and different work for those in school.

pumpkinpatch909 Sat 23-May-20 19:41:51

our school seemed quite relieved when i said we would be keeping ours at home and they are happy to support us in terms of work.
i think with staff shortages the less kids the better for now from what they have said

GinNotGym19 Sat 23-May-20 19:44:01

My dd isn’t in the year going back but they have said they are keeping aside a teacher and setting home learning for the parents that don’t want to send their kids back.

Daffodil101 Sat 23-May-20 19:46:21

Things may or may not be normal in September. Who knows?

I have the impression that some people hope it won’t.

ElizabethMountbatten Sat 23-May-20 19:47:44

Our school are only accepting key workers kids or vulnerable kids back otherwise they wouldn't be able to socially distance. So yes, I expect all those they don't have space for to have work provided for them

FlatCheese Sat 23-May-20 19:50:47

Ours is only offering 2 days per week for reception and nothing for Y1 or Y6, so I'm assuming all the online work will have to continue anyway. We had to fill in a form to say whether or not we wanted them to return, but I've no idea how many wanted a place.

froggers1 Sat 23-May-20 19:53:48

Wow..our school is offering 2 days a week for reception and yr 1 and 4 days a week for yr6

Nousernameforme Sat 23-May-20 19:55:25

Our school are taking years reception 1 and 6 plus key workers, they have said work will carry on as usual online but the teachers won't be available to help or answer query's during the day

Smellybluecheese Sat 23-May-20 19:57:07

Ours are offering 2 hours a day for 2 days a week..,they are still setting online learning.

NoClarification Sat 23-May-20 19:58:41

You don't need to 'prepare lessons' of school schedules (what are they?) to homeschool. Besides which only some of reception and yr 1 are being offered places by our school. Also, the work the school is setting now is deathly dull, I'm not following it now anyway, so I don't really care whether or not they keep sending it or not!

NoClarification Sat 23-May-20 19:59:42

OR school schedules, not of

TheLastSaola Sat 23-May-20 20:00:02

Our school is setting minimal work for the 10% staying off.

The rest will get normal full school days, just in a class of 15 not 30

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