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Will Scottish private schools have blended learning when schools reopen?

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Christianartistmum Sat 23-May-20 17:17:38

I wondered if anyone knew if private schools will be the same as state schools when they reopen- with social distancing and very small classes with some home schooling required? I live in Scotland and we just heard state schools will reopen in August a week earlier than usual- August 11th with blended learning-a mixture of learning at home and being at school- probably be at school half the time or a third of the time. But I have heard nothing about the private schools -My daughter goes to a private primary school, so feel a bit anxious not knowing how our situation will be when schools go back.

Actually also wondered if English schools will be doing blended learning as well?

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StoorieHoose Sat 23-May-20 17:22:11

You could email your school as ask them?

BilboBercow Sat 23-May-20 17:46:21

DD isn't in private school but we've been told by the council that they're still to establish what blended learning will look like, they're working on plans right now.
Private schools will have to follow social distancing measures too, so I can't imagine itll be business as usual

SockYarn Sat 23-May-20 17:53:12

I have friends with kids at private schools and they have been getting online/video lessons throughout. Don't see any reason why that wouldn't continue.

State sector will persist with a couple of days in school and doing worksheets. The whole plan is just abysmal.

Hopefully it'll piss off enough parents that the SNP vote will plummet at the next elections.

porktangle Sat 23-May-20 17:56:55

If there is enough uproar (nearer the time, I don't think people are thinking that far ahead yet but come August, I think this plan will cause a lot of frustration and anger at the government) private schools operating fairly normally (as in their usual small classes and have enough space to continue) they will probably want to capitalise on the market!

As with everything private, they will want to make as much money as they can and will mould to what the public want more than anything.

Christianartistmum Sat 23-May-20 18:52:09

Stooriehoose yes I think I will email them on Monday.

Sockyarn haha yes that would be good if SNP got less votes next time. Although it seems that a lot of people strongly support SNP so we’ll have to see.

The blended new way is going to be quite an adjustment to everyone’s lives so I imagine as time goes on, more and more people will just want schools to operate as normal. I think some people are a bit fearful. Although the majority of parents I have spoken to don’t seem fearful about it and just want life to be as normal as possible (and not the ‘new normal’- people I think ARE more scared of the new normal than the virus!).

I guess the advantage of a private school is that it is a business so will want to please the market. So hopefully not too many days home schooling, not that there is anything wrong with home education/schooling. It’s just not a choice I was expecting to make this year.

Bibloberkow- thanks for info there about councils still working out what blended learning will look like. I think that’s it. It’s hard to make plans when you don’t know what your week will look like. I am a bit of a planner and like to write in my journal the things I want to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, but not knowing how the school week will look like is a bit stressful!

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