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Early Years funding for 2YO denied until next term

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Kittenfish Sat 23-May-20 14:57:23

Hi all,

My daughter is 2 years old and right after the lockdown started I have realized she qualifies for the free 15 hours childcare from April. I've applied, got the code and everything seemed fine until today when my childminder said she she'd been told dd will not be eligible for the funding until September. My childminder has closed during lockdown and only asked for half fees during that time so we were paying very little (most of the fees were covered by the EYF-or so we all thought). I haven't decided yet whether dd will be going back to CM if they open in June but shell definitely be back before September. From what my CM told me it's because there is nobody in the office to add her name to the headcount. But I find the whole situation incredibly unresonable - if DD had been found to be eligible from April (she was born in January) then why would they suddenly take it away until next term? I've done my bit, the CM did hers and now they surely have to do theirs? We're still a low income family and will have to pay full fees once CM opens. I'm completely new to the whole funding thing so apologies if I'm getting things mixed up or wrong. I just can't see the logical justification of them taking her entitlement away after she was given it. If that's a common practice surely many 2YO due to beging the free childcare in April are missing out as well? Is anybody in the same situation?

My lovely CM will try to argue it for me and if she doesn't succeed I will be calling them myself after bank holiday but I'd like to know I've got a leg to stand on.

Thank you for all your help!

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NuffSaidSam Sat 23-May-20 15:11:12

It sounds like a paperwork mistake. Just give them a call next week.

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