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Dominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham to self isolate

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chomalungma Fri 22-May-20 22:05:09

Seen running out of Downing Street
Went to self isolate with his wife in Durham with his parents when he had symptoms
Seems he had his family with him
He stayed with his wife and his parents looked after the children

One rule for us, one rule for him

Saladmakesmesad Fri 22-May-20 22:10:52

What kind of absolute unbelievably selfish cunt goes TO their parents with coronavirus?!? We’ve all been locked down for weeks, largely trying to protect our older generation?!

I’m disgusted. He should be fired but I bet he isn’t.

BlueBrian Fri 22-May-20 22:12:34

Oh well that's the end of him then, he's made too many enemies, they won't let this get swept under the carpet.

chomalungma Fri 22-May-20 22:13:00

It's a question that I am sure will be asked.
I am looking forward to Matt Hancock answering it.

DateLoaf Fri 22-May-20 22:13:17


Redolent Fri 22-May-20 22:20:38

He always looks shady as fuck in the pictures.

Tr1skel1on Fri 22-May-20 22:20:54

So if I understand correctly, Cummings and his wife couldn't cope with one small child between them, they needed 2 other adults to help.

But lone parents, with multiple children are expected to stay shut in at home for months on end whilst trying to work.

Ok. It really is one rule for them and another for everyone else.

LarkDescending Fri 22-May-20 22:22:32

I wish it would be the end of him.

McRantyPants Fri 22-May-20 22:23:44

This egg head needs to self isolate permanently.

Zxyzoey31 Fri 22-May-20 22:27:37

He lives in London, his parents in Durham, that's about 275 miles!

Floatyboat Fri 22-May-20 22:29:24

I bet they regret sticking the knife in Neil Ferguson now. Tricky questions ahead.

Flymetothetoon Fri 22-May-20 22:35:44

I really can't be arsed to care anymore.

TrickyWords Fri 22-May-20 22:36:56


chomalungma Fri 22-May-20 22:36:59

Hancock said physical distancing rules were very important and everyone should follow them. He said he had supported the Scottish police warning to Dr Catherine Calderwood, the Scottish chief medical officer who visited her second home during lockdown.

He described Ferguson’s decision to flout lockdown rules as “extraordinary” and one that had left him “speechles

Asked whether he was speechless by the presenter, Kay Burley, he said: “I am.”

James Brokenshire, a Home Office minister, said Ferguson had made an “error of judgment” and was right to resign. He stressed that the government’s physical distancing guidelines must be followed by law and were “there to protect us all”.

He said Ferguson’s resignation had been “an appropriate course” because other people had tried so hard to stick to the lockdown, even though it had been hard not to see loved ones

AntiHop Fri 22-May-20 22:39:20

He should resign.

NoHardSell Fri 22-May-20 22:39:47

Isn't it completely obvious by now that the rules never applied to those making them? You lot keep going, you're doing a grand job, give yourselves a clap etc. Our ruling class think you are utter idiots. Your medal isn't actually in the post.

Jilljams Fri 22-May-20 22:41:34

Too ill to look after their child but well enough to drive 300 miles.

LarkDescending Fri 22-May-20 22:47:37

Newsnight now leading on this.

MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Fri 22-May-20 22:52:09

If he doesn't get sacked then we all might as well admit that lockdown is done. Lots of people have been sticking to these rules, even when it goes against their own judgement, because that's the law. But if the govt CBA to follow their own rules, then why should everyone else?
I bet there are thousands of families out there who have been desperate for help from the grandparents, but have coped alone. And he put his own parents at risk because he couldn't do what all other parents do, which is look after his own kid whilst unwell. And he put his own parents at risk, which is morally bankrupt behaviour.

TheMotherofAllDilemmas Fri 22-May-20 22:54:10

Most valuable people in this crisis have been forced to resign over this. I bet my bottom dollar he would be allowed to stay. All nicely brush under the carpet by this time next week.

He is Boris’ only neurone, even if it is not a nice one.

pigsDOfly Fri 22-May-20 22:55:04

Well, hopefully he's shot himself in the foot.

Don't really see how Johnson can get round this, surely he'll have to sack him, that's of course if Cummings will let him.

BigChocFrenzy Fri 22-May-20 22:56:27

Looks like those in charge are above the rules
Lockdown is for us plebs only

BigChocFrenzy Fri 22-May-20 22:57:45

Putting his own parents at risk is shitty, even for him

Onceuponatimethen Fri 22-May-20 22:59:32

Very shocked by this

maresydoats Fri 22-May-20 23:03:44

Hold your breath folks. Cummings is the facto PM. Because Johnson hasn't a clue how to govern and is a lazy so and so.

Wonder how or why Cummings was chosen? Where did he come from, never heard of him before. Did you?

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