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Numbers up today

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ShirleyB25 Fri 22-May-20 17:11:06

Just looked at the numbers from the Worldometer site, and UK deaths and new cases are up quite a bit from yesterday sad

Not sure how significant this is - I'm hoping it's a blip.

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ShirleyB25 Fri 22-May-20 17:12:31


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pfrench Fri 22-May-20 17:21:56

I know it's not day by day true figures, but it's the only ones we've got.

On that basis, why is all the conversation about schools going back, and not STAY INDOORS YOU IDIOTS?

The messaging from this government is appalling.

Derbygerbil Fri 22-May-20 17:23:41

Cases up a bit, but difficult to say if that’s how they’re reported... For instance, London made news by apparently having zero cases a couple of days ago... It did, just none were ‘reported’ for that day.

Deaths are up, but only slightly. The trend over a week is a more useful measure. Also, testing has massively increased in recent weeks so more are being picked up, so 3,000 cases today is probably equivalent to around a tenth of the actual number of cases had 3,000 been reported a month back.

CuppaZa Fri 22-May-20 17:23:49

I’d say VE Day has played a part

lilgreen Fri 22-May-20 17:24:41

Yes new cases up by 1000 today.

lilgreen Fri 22-May-20 17:24:58

Compared to yesterday.

ShirleyB25 Fri 22-May-20 17:25:28

I know. I keep thinking without some kind of systematic testing programme firmly in place, along with tracking and isolating people, how on earth it will pan out?

3287 new cases in the UK today.

That still sounds like A LOT to me.

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Eyewhisker Fri 22-May-20 17:26:02

New cases will be up because they have widen the pool of people who can be tested. It is therefore hardly surprising and not the need for yet another panicked thread.

Gatorgator Fri 22-May-20 17:27:26

Stay inside for how long though pfrench
What’s the point? If you are under 50 and healthy your risk is minuscule. Incidentally I am not in those groups but I appreciate if you are then you should probably start to go about you life. And if you aren’t then you need to make that risk call yourself.

ShirleyB25 Fri 22-May-20 17:27:27

@Derbygerbil - that's reassuring. I was hoping there was a logical explanation.

I thought that new cases related just to hospital admissions?

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ifonly4 Fri 22-May-20 17:28:05

I wondered about VE celebrations as well. It'll be interesting to see what happens with numbers over the next week or so, given people are out more, less people are social distancing and groups are clearly meeting up in parks/for a walk.

ShirleyB25 Fri 22-May-20 17:28:33

@Eyewhisker - not panicking here - but concerned and interested in what others think

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beachdays123 Fri 22-May-20 17:29:30

Yes the cases are up slightly, but the DHSC tweet says they’ve tested 80,000 people which I think is the most individuals they’ve tested in a day.

lilgreen Fri 22-May-20 17:33:39

Nope, they’ve tested over 100, 000 before and more.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 22-May-20 17:34:37

As Derbygerbil says, weekly rolling averages are a better measure. I wouldn’t be bothered by a single day bump, just if it does it for days in succession.

lilgreen Fri 22-May-20 17:35:29

Will be watching tomorrow and Sunday’s figures closely.

beachdays123 Fri 22-May-20 17:36:52

Yes, they’ve performed over 100,000 tests before, but no tested that many PEOPLE before.

IgnoranceIsStrength Fri 22-May-20 17:37:07

Surely if everyone has locked down fully then we would not be seeing 3000 new cases though? So something isnt working

Jaxhog Fri 22-May-20 17:40:20

Surely if everyone has locked down fully then we would not be seeing 3000 new cases though?

That's because only 60% of people are actually locked down.

teenagetantrums Fri 22-May-20 17:40:22

It's just testing. I work at a care home we have all been tested this week so over 150 tests. All care home workers and residents now being tested. I wouldn't worry it's time to get back to work and school and get the country going l think

Derbygerbil Fri 22-May-20 17:41:18

I thought that new cases related just to hospital admissions?

This time last month then yes, but now anyone over the age of 5 can get a test!

ComtesseDeSpair Fri 22-May-20 17:41:21

The majority of new cases are now contracted in hospitals and care homes, where lockdown measures don’t have much impact.

teenagetantrums Fri 22-May-20 17:43:21

37IgnoranceIsStrengt how do think we can lock down completely. Shall l not go to work. Shall my DP stay at home so you can't go to supermarket. Licking down is not going to make the virus go away. It will still be there when lockdown ends.

YogaLite Fri 22-May-20 17:43:52

My understanding is that some of the tests counted include home tests sent out and not yet processed so that could be misleading. They should show it based on the results received.

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