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I'm undecided about sending my children back to school - how can I weigh up the arguments?

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slimecentury Fri 22-May-20 13:22:49

I'm sure many are feeling the same! I am still undecided about what to do come start of June. I have a pre schooler and year 1.

I work very part time and am just about managing it all so I could carry on. I would however love some breathing space to get pick up all the balls that have dropped and also kick my freelance work back into gear again.

I know my preschooler would enjoy going back. My schooler doesn't seem to be bothered either way. They have both enjoyed spending time at home but I can see frayed nerves are starting.

I just am concerned as it seems so very soon and there is little evidence out there. But will Sept be any different? How far will the track and trace have come by then?

I also have that rare immune disorder at the back of my mind but again what difference will a few months make in reassuring me?

I am aware I'm in a privileged position that I can work from home and I am just about managing to work/childcare/teach. Though I don't know how sustainable it all is and also what would be best for the kids.

My schooler will only be going back 2 or so days a week anyway so his school has said and will be very different to before.

Urgh I keep changing my mind....

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