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Cyprus restrictions being lifted

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dimotikopp Fri 22-May-20 06:37:34

So, yesterday (21st May) we began phase two of lifting restrictions. We no longer have to send a text message asking for permission to leave the house, and the curfew from 10pm-6am has gone.
Pubs and restaurants have opened, but only those with outdoor spaces and there are fewer tables arranged in a way where there is more space so everyone is still social distancing.
Schools opened up again, with only half of the class going in on a given day and a pared down school day. I haven't sent my ds back as he has underlying conditions and his sister is perfectly healthy but won't be going back either so she can't bring anything nasty back home. Roads are full of cars, and people are heading back to work. Beaches will be fully opened as from tomorrow (since the 4th May we have been allowed to swim in the sea but not sit on the beach or play in the sand an no sun loungers were available) and as we are in a heatwave at the moment this will be a very welcome move. Malls are still closed but we are allowed to meet other people (in groups of up to 10 people), so things are slowly getting back to normal. We have had new cases in single figures since April 29th so I am hoping and praying this doesn't shoot up now that people are out and about again.

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exLtEveDallas Fri 22-May-20 06:42:14

One of my Cyprus friends posted a photo of his dinner on FB yesterday and it made me smile to see a ‘dinosaur chop’ again. Fingers crossed for normality for you smile

Darnley Fri 22-May-20 09:09:23

Hi. Are you in the north or south ? I go to the north a couple of times a year and am desperately missing it.

HairyFloppins Fri 22-May-20 10:59:32

My sister lives in the North. They have had a very strict lockdown. My parents are desperate to get back to their 2nd home there.

I doubt they will be able to go for a while.

dimotikopp Fri 22-May-20 13:03:22

I'm in the south, I'm sorry that I have no idea how the Turkish government is handling things in the occupied part.

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