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KLM and Center parcs Netherlands

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Hannah2199 Thu 21-May-20 16:23:29

Has anyone had any luck getting a refund with either of these companies please?

Any tips please?

Really dont want to accept a voucher as for personal reasons we wont be able to go next year - plus assume prices will rise.

Thanks in advance

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banjaxxed Thu 21-May-20 16:27:24

We have had an email implying we are getting money back but I thought it was going to be a voucher code (which we are happy with)

Not got either yet - I was told when I called to cancel I could have a code (4 weeks ago) then we got the email last week.

SellFridges Thu 21-May-20 16:27:52

I have had to claim via my credit card for Center Parcs Europe. They would not shift and my argument is that we booked a holiday for a specific date, not for next year when we do not know what circumstances we will be living in.

I am lucky enough to have travel insurance that would cover it eventually though they require me to try with the provider and credit card first.

banjaxxed Thu 21-May-20 16:27:57

From Centerparcs, that is. Can't comment on KLM

Mirrorxx Thu 21-May-20 16:30:17

I’ve only got a voucher down klm. Not very happy as it’s a few thousand

Hannah2199 Thu 21-May-20 16:31:10

Ah thanks that's good to know that I'd be wasting my time continuing to chase center parcs.

Such a shame. These companies should be doing more to contact and help customers.

Any advice on klm? Thanks

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banjaxxed Thu 21-May-20 16:33:13

I have tried to speak to someone but the phone is never answered and there doesn't appear to be a live chat

I will try them again - we want to book and it's cheaper but I want to know if I can have a voucher or the money will be refunded to the credit card!!

Not bothered either way just want to know

thetigerthatcamefortea Thu 21-May-20 16:37:41

So we are meant to be going to centre Parcs Netherlands this coming weekend. I got an email on Monday saying I would get a voucher. I don't want a voucher either. But no sign of it yet. However a 2nd email came an hour after that which implied I would get a refund. So god knows.
We were also travelling via the channel tunnel which is also proving to be a nightmare because it's still running they don't need to give us a refund.
I'm hoping our insurance will cover but I haven't tried yet

banjaxxed Thu 21-May-20 16:39:59

Eurotunnel were very helpful - they told me they would issue a code, that I have to make a new booking in the next year. That doesn't mean I have to travel
In the next year as long as the Booking is made by 1 year from now

banjaxxed Thu 21-May-20 16:41:05

@thetigerthatcamefortea does your email talk of overpayment (which is the amount you paid) and bank transfer?

goldenshoe Thu 21-May-20 16:46:53

I got a voucher from KLM. Not very happy but apparently it's refundable after 12 months if it doesn't get used. We'll see.

Hannah2199 Thu 21-May-20 17:04:36

Thank you, nightmare! I'd rather just have the money back

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Hannah2199 Fri 22-May-20 11:37:23

How are people getting hold of klm? I am on hold for 40 plus minutes then they cut you off. Its impossible to speak to anyone (how convenient for them!!)

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Mirrorxx Fri 22-May-20 12:21:03

@Hannah2199 I contacted them via twitter and WhatsApp. I had the same issue on the phone as you

Hannah2199 Fri 22-May-20 13:34:32

Thanks I've tried WhatsApp and messenger but am only getting a generic response.

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