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Four day week to aid economic recovery

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JessicaDay Thu 21-May-20 11:26:06

Snap forward with a four day week

What do people think about this?

I could see a way that this could be used in tandem with furloughing to maintain employment levels whilst allowing the economy to gradually recover.

The article mentions there being a potential boost to domestic tourism. I can also see how it would spread demand for popular places from largely being concentrated over two days at the weekend to being more diffuse across the week.

It would also allow in some cases for social distancing as less people would be in a workplace at once. Same with public transport. This could help places work out new ways and patterns of working under less pressure than if everyone is back at once.

If used as away to taper out of furlough, it could also help non-furloughed people recover from holding the fort through having increased time off for the next few months. At the moment, the government is supporting 20% of the workforce by paying 80% of their wages. But what if it was used to top up a wider proportion of people by 20%? So a government top up by one day’s wage from a five day week.

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