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Second Wave - Yes or No?

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MysticMeghan Wed 20-May-20 21:52:52

So the papers are now full of warnings about a "deadly second wave" but if you ditch the articles and look at the comments 99% of people don't agree. People want lockdown over, they want to get out, they want things back how they were. Look at the beaches today.

Most people I know think it's going to peter out in the next few weeks. The tabloids seem to be going with this, but then they print whatever sensationalist crap sells newspapers, it's not necessarily true. Even my own friends think that in a worst case scenario few people might have mild flu like symptoms, it's not worth going crazy over, we're all over reacting and we've stuffed the economy and everyone's businesses and jobs for nothing. Just so the government can flex its muscles and control us. Many even think it's a conspiracy.

Justification for the "overreaction" theory seems to be that the Nordic countries haven't really locked down and only a few have died. Many European countries now opening up again with few ill effects and many tourist destinations in Spain looking to have a late tourist season.

In the UK we are constantly being reminded that deaths are going DOWN. Therefore it's ok.. "It's over" seems to be the prevailing theme. McDonalds and Burger King open again, people in England allowed to travel and taking full advantage, going to the beach, the park, hanging out with their mates. Prevailing theory seems to be that the experts over reacted and got it wrong, we all self isolated for nothing and the same experts warning of a second wave just want their 5 minutes of fame. Ignore them and lock them up. Most people don't know anyone who has had it or died of it and therefore the risk is small, it's just a bit of flu and people die of flu all the time.

Or....there might be a very deadly second wave after all, this is being glimpsed in China but is being covered up. Governments and companies are desperate to re-start economies so are taking the view that if a few more die who cares, they were probably old people who would have died anyway. And young people aren't affected so just put things back the way they were and if a few oldies die then just collateral damage.Oldies can stay at home if they're worried.

Which is it? I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. It IS a deadly disease, it's being desperately underplayed now in the interests of preventing economic ruin. I certainly think the British Media is being manipulated and that's why we have one story one day and a completely different one the next.

Am I the only person in the world who thinks that pubs and restaurants re-opening and global travel re-starting for the sake of keeping a tourist industry alive is a really bad idea?

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RhymingRabbit3 Wed 20-May-20 22:17:33

I do think the government and media overplayed the severity of the virus (for the majority of people) in order to get us to comply with lockdown. They have practically said as much. Low risk young people are panicking they will die if they contract the virus, when in fact commuting to work on a regular basis has a higher chance of killing them and nobody is advocating destroying all cars.

The government has now realised that, if the country is still going to exist after this, they need to get people back into work and spending to keep the economy going, so if anything they're now downplaying the severity or at least being realistic. I dont think international travel is a good idea but dont see why pubs and attractions shouldnt open carefully.

Rainbow12e Wed 20-May-20 22:20:55

I sincerely think it will ease and we will be back to normal by August at the latest. No, we will not be at huge scale events but we will be back to work, be able to see close family and friends, go shopping and to restaurants. No reason why there will be a second peak. We are heading in the right direction

ssd Wed 20-May-20 22:21:52

I think we're walking into a disaster, everyone here sounds like they will be going back to normal with very few adjustments. Maybe because I'm in Scotland I can see a real difference between what we still have and what English posters are saying.

tessiegirl Wed 20-May-20 22:25:30

There will be a second peak.

tessiegirl Wed 20-May-20 22:29:28

All those people who have made the decision to cram themselves onto beaches and in parks the last few days should be made to go back to work and school in my opinion.

Rainbow12e Wed 20-May-20 22:30:54

Why do you all think there will be a second peak?

tessiegirl Wed 20-May-20 22:36:02

Because sonething this big isnt just going to disappear that easily.
Because looking at past pandemics that is what happens

Deblou43 Wed 20-May-20 22:36:10

I don't think second peak or if there is it will be mild to be honest I think it has been here since jan

10storeylovesong Wed 20-May-20 22:38:13

I was very firmly on the side of there will be a second peak, and was prepping for it. Now, I'm not so sure.

Chewbecca Wed 20-May-20 22:39:13

Just looked at pictures of Southend beach today, if a second peak is brewing, we’ll definitely have one.

ssd Wed 20-May-20 22:42:04

Yes it's been here since Jan and over 30, 000 have died. Why on earth will it dry up now everyone is getting out and about, when lockdown tried to keep it at bay?

stuckindoors77 Wed 20-May-20 22:42:28

Iran has relaxed and is heading swiftly towards a second peak, so I think that yes, if we open up too fast then there could well be. However, I don't personally think it'll be as bad as the first time. We're learning more every day, getting systems in place and understanding how it spreads and how to treat it. Hopefully if/when a second peak hits, we will have more weapons in our armoury to keep it under control to a degree.

Rainbow12e Wed 20-May-20 22:44:50

The rate of infection is much lower then in March and should continue that way. I would be very surprised if there were to be a second peak. We are improving day by day. Other countries may have had a stricter lockdown but I see no real reason why we cannot achieve the same level of progress.

BlueGreenYellowRed Wed 20-May-20 22:45:06

Every modern pandemic on record has had a second peak, usually higher than the first. No reason to think this one will be different.

Purplewithred Wed 20-May-20 22:45:44

I think there will be a blob but not a peak. More community transmission but less care home transmission, so hopefully more mild cases and fewer deaths. We will get antibody testing which will help plan the strategy a bit, but doubtless will provoke new problems. I bet it will be autumn before pubs and restaurants open. I suspect there will be a bad winter for the nhs.

Beansprout30 Wed 20-May-20 22:54:18

I think there will be a second peak but not as bad, I believe this disease was transmitting much earlier than recorded.

when we come out of lockdown the precautions put in place in the work place, in shops etc much better hygiene, masks and all the rest of it, track and trace, will keep a second wave under control

Pixxie7 Wed 20-May-20 22:56:38

I think there will be a second peak, we have not had any real structure to come out of lockdown. It’s almost as if the flood gates have opened and people have gone mad. Recipe for disaster.

Cam77 Wed 20-May-20 22:59:00

Yes it's been here since Jan and over 30, 000 have died.
Realistically, over 50,000

ReadingTeaLeaves Wed 20-May-20 22:59:41

Our first peak is worse than every country apart from the US. None of us know what will happen with a second peak, but what most people's 'opinion' about it is, is not going to be relevant at all in whether or not the virus kills another few 10s of thousands of people or not. I assume you are lucky in that it has not affected you personally yet.

Derbygerbil Wed 20-May-20 22:59:52

No - at least until winter. There may possibly be a small rise if we become to lax with our social distancing too soon, but if things start to rise, the Government won’t let the rise turn into a “wave” and we’ll distance again, and find a “happy” medium where we get on with our lives minus the bits that encourage it to spread - we’ll be less tactile (easy for most Brits) and our concept of ‘personal space’ will be larger than it used to be.

emptyplinth Wed 20-May-20 23:00:55

Agree 100% with Beansprout30

Rainbow12e Wed 20-May-20 23:01:47

The only thing that concerns me is that most people get a cold/sore throat in the Autumn/Winter months. I am not sure testing will readily be available then so whoever gets those symptoms (Say in the office or at a school) would have to self isolate and I imagine so would everyone who has been in contact with them. Hopefully testing will be available to all or a vaccine by the end of the year at least.

Sharpandshineyteeth Wed 20-May-20 23:04:12

No idea. It’s pointless to worry about things that are beyond your control.

I mean it kindly. Lots of people will click on this thread who are shitting themselves.

It’s ok to not think about it. It’s beyond your control.

hfrdgftcsdg Wed 20-May-20 23:06:22

No, I’ve never thought there will be a second peak. I don’t have a crystal ball but I’d bet ... maybe £20 on it. Might see if I can find a real person to take the bet. Think I’ll be quids in.

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