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How long from possible exposure to symptoms?

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Aria20 Wed 20-May-20 15:26:31

Just wondering if anyone who has had the virus can give me a rough idea? If for example i was potentially exposed to cv say on Sunday how soon might I present with symptoms if I was going to catch it? I'm sure no one really knows as the isolation period is 14 days but I'm just asking for experience or anecdotal! Thanks

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LemonTT Wed 20-May-20 15:52:57

14 days unless the person who you were exposed to is tested and found to be definitely negative.

If this was a work based exposure what have the recommended?

LemonTT Wed 20-May-20 15:54:25

Sorry meant to say 1-14 days till symptoms appear but there are potential outliers to this.

Powerplant Wed 20-May-20 15:58:08

I’ve read between 5-7 days average. Not sure where I’ve read this though sorry

Deelish75 Wed 20-May-20 15:58:21

I heard one of the government scientists said the average is 5 days after exposure, but symptoms can start anytime between 1-14 days.

Aria20 Wed 20-May-20 16:54:07

Thank you so it is possible to show symptoms very quickly then. Awaiting test results for the person in question and I'm feeling a bit rubbish... no cough or temperature or loss of taste smell etc but headache, legs aching so much I can hardly walk and today really bad pain in the top of my stomach just under my ribs, nausea and upset stomach. I'm sure it's prob not cv but I had read that some people have only had gastro symptoms rather than respiratory so I was a little worried!

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Fantasmic143 Wed 20-May-20 17:01:43

In our house, never! DD, 21, had a positive test but kept it entirely to herself. We didn't even really clock it as coronavirus until she lost her sense of taste and smell and were no more careful than we had been about hand washing and her keeping to herself. We are amazed that none of the rest of us got it.

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