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Anyone else finding they cant easily get childrens clothes?

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Legoandloldolls Wed 20-May-20 11:40:19

At some point the kids have to go back to school. So I am looking online to get polo shirts. I cant find them anywhere.

I know getting school uniform is tricky at the best of times but its normally at the end of summer holidays, not now. I see some of the clothes producing countries which have been doing ok are starting to creep up the worldometres chart.

Anyone else?

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BikeRunSki Wed 20-May-20 11:46:35

What did your children wrest to school before lockdown?

Sainsbury’s have some sizes and colours

CatToddlerUprising Wed 20-May-20 11:47:51

Have you tried George Asda? I placed an order (including school uniform) the other week and got it within 10 days

Sugarhouse Wed 20-May-20 11:53:39

Mine aren’t school age yet but trying to get the baby new clothes has been hard work lots of things sold out.

Legoandloldolls Wed 20-May-20 12:05:19

They wore uniform from Asda before lockdown.

I cant find anything in Asda or Sainsburys in sizes under 9 years old.she is five. I am wondering if there are more in store? I can only go when dh is home because I cant take dd to the shops.

Does anyone know if Tesco have much uniform in store? Failing all else my M&S is selling clothes. I just dont fancy queueing up outside various shops every evening

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BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Wed 20-May-20 12:10:38

I know this was likely to happen so I went through my toddler's clothes a week into lockdown and ordered some stuff from Sainsburys and Asda. (Sainsburys arrived within 2 days, Asda arrived in 10 days.)

In my case I'm lucky as I have lots of hand-me-downs plus I tend to buy clothes in the sales.

Dowermouse Wed 20-May-20 12:13:54

Is your children's school even expecting uniform for the time being? Mine have said home clothes (freshly washed every day) plus trainers as they will be outside as much as possible.

Seeline Wed 20-May-20 12:18:52

Matalan have some

I've ordered stuff recently and it's come quite quickly

ScarfLadysBag Wed 20-May-20 12:25:17

No issue getting stuff for toddler, but not looking at any school-type stuff obviously. I did notice the supermarkets were a bit out of stock of stuff online but M&S, JoJo Maman Bebe, Frugi etc all seem
OK. I've bought quite a few things from small businesses and individual sellers too.

Legoandloldolls Wed 20-May-20 12:39:05

Her school hasn't its home clothes, so I'm assuming its uniform, but either way she needs some for next year.

We live on hand me downs and second hand but white things really suffer.

I wish I had thought about this sooner.

Thanks for the Matalan idea

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gigglingHyena Wed 20-May-20 17:26:09

Tesco had a rack of uniform when I was there, although I don't think there were as many options as they often have this time of year but they had shorts, polo shirts and a few summer dresses.

Amazon are usually a good bet for polo shirts, we tend to go for fruit of the loom, mostly on the basis of them doing the right colour but they seem to wash well and keep their shape.

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