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Fed up with neighbours breaking the rules

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HedgeHogFoxBadger Wed 20-May-20 10:30:09

My neighbours have continually broke the lockdown rules. They have had people over in their back garden for BBQs, these people go into the house.
Today the kids woke me up so early by shouting and screaming in the garden. Just looked out my window and they have a family round with their 2 kids.
Sorry, I know I sound like a nosey neighbour, it's just so annoying!

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Gilead Wed 20-May-20 12:05:29

My neighbour is much the same. There's nothing you can do other than take a deep breath and let them get on with it.

Crimsonnightlotus Wed 20-May-20 13:45:45

I think it's futile to get stressed with people who have no concern for others. Rant away on here, and ignore them irl.

Temple29 Wed 20-May-20 13:49:03

My neighbors are the same. All the kids on our road are in and out of each other houses the last 2 weeks or so while the mothers sit in a garden together. I try not to let it bother me but if everyone made an effort less people would catch the virus.

Poundpup Wed 20-May-20 15:36:21

I understand how you feel. Not quite sure of the point of continuing lockdown if people are regularly meeting without social distancing. It's very frustrating trying to work from home alongside neighbours who seem to be treating lockdown as an extended holiday.

namechangetheworld Wed 20-May-20 15:42:55

Our neighbours are exactly the same. All children bar ours in and out of each others houses all day every day, with DD4 gazing sadly out of the window watching them. Next doors boyfriend staying over constantly. People opposite hosting a BBQ for their extended family. Three doors down have grandparents round once a week. I've been biting my tongue for months.

I'm especially hacked off todsy as we left the house for the first time in months (to go somewhere other than the supermarket or for a walk) to help my brother jump start his car, which he needs for work. Stood on his driveway 2 metres apart and one of his neighbours called the bloody police on us. Absurd.

SirVixofVixHall Wed 20-May-20 16:17:08

Same here. My neighbour has her son, Dil, and grandchildren there now. Children playing in the garden . Our gardens are quite narrow, so it means that DH and I and our dc have to stay indoors, as their garden us next to ours and partly above it, so if one of them was coughing it could land right on us.
I am so sick of stupid people flaunting the rules.

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