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We have home tests coming - is it easy to use?

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bathsh3ba Wed 20-May-20 08:36:27

DD has a fever (38.1), no other symptoms. I think it's unlikely to be coronavirus but if we all do this test and it's negative, we won't have to isolate for 2 weeks. Assuming we get a result within 2 weeks...
My DD is nervous about the swab, how easy is it to use and how uncomfortable is it?

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usernotfound0000 Wed 20-May-20 09:15:53

I assume the home test is the same as the self test done at the drive through. I had to take one of these on Monday, it wasn't the most pleasant experience and ensuring you swab far enough in is difficult and did cause me to gag, you have to swab the area for 10 seconds which is a long time! If you do it for her then I think it is better. And I just had my results back this morning (negative), so less than 48 hours from test.

1happyhippie Wed 20-May-20 09:20:46

I have done one. Make sure you book your courier in for the next day as soon as you get the test kit.
They tell you to take it as close to the test been picked up as possible, so we done ours late the night before.
You have to get the swab as far back as you can down your throat, and the nose one as far up as possible.
Not pleasant but not difficult.
We had our results back within 48hrs too.

TheClitterati Wed 20-May-20 09:29:14

Dd has been selected for a random kit. I don't fancy my chances at all of being able to do it in any meaningful way.

TheClitterati Wed 20-May-20 09:29:48

Random test!

bathsh3ba Wed 20-May-20 09:38:53

I've just watched the video, I think touching her tonsils without touching the side of her mouth or tongue will be very hard!

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TheClitterati Wed 20-May-20 09:40:37

How old is your Dd? Mine is 9 but highly anxious about anything different or strange.

DippyAvocado Wed 20-May-20 09:44:37

I took my DD to a testing centre last week (I'm a key worker) as she had a fever. We had to do the swabs ourselves. It is quite tricky but I found it was easier for her (age 10) to do it herself rather than me try to poke it down her throat. It wasn't painful but it is difficult to rub it round without gagging so she did a bit, took it out, then did a bit more. She used a mirror and I watched to make sure she was getting it in the right place. I'm not sure that she put it far enough up her nose but she did the best she could.

bathsh3ba Wed 20-May-20 14:54:43

She is 10, nearly 11. I also have a 12yo. Neither of them will be willing participants!

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