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Reassuring school meeting

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CarrieBlue Wed 20-May-20 07:55:23

‘The unions’ want proper information that it is safe for teachers and students to be in school - they are not ‘scuppering’. It’s not unreasonable to want a workplace which isn’t putting children and staff at risk - less pejorative language would be nice.

siblingrevelryagain Wed 20-May-20 07:49:25

We had a school Governor Zoom meeting this week and I was very reassured by everything our school team are doing/have done in preparation. They have been able to tailor the advice and make changes dependent on our individual school set up and demographic; with every school being different it’s the only way this can safely work We’re a primary school so have pre-school/yr R/yr’s 1&6 plus key worker children. The uptake of keyworker children has increased from 1st June but we’ve not had many other returning children in that first wave (low single figures for each class).

beckypv Wed 20-May-20 07:42:08

Last night our headteacher did a zoom meeting with parents (state junior school). It gave us lots of information about how they are going to deal with the returning year 6. It was so reassuring to hear all the plans they have put in place and the curriculum and positive experience they are hoping to offer. I really hope they are able to go back on June 1st and the curve doesn’t change or the unions/Government scupper it. I’d like to think it’s up to each individual school to respond to this in a manner appropriate to their circumstances. Local infection issues, health of staff, size/access of site I’m sure are all considerations head teachers are having to make (which will make their offerings different). I really hope schools will have a bit of independence in what they do, rather than blanket decisions forced by those in authority who shout the loudest. Parents can then be allowed to trust the judgements of their own schools.

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