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Nursery and grandparents

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tappitytaptap Tue 19-May-20 20:08:49

I haven’t seen anyone ask this question yet on these boards but I’m guessing our situation is a common one, splitting childcare between nursery and grandparenrs. Normally I work 4 days a week, DH works full time and the kids (1 and 4) do 2 days at nursery and 2 days with their grandparents (mid 60s, no underlying health conditions). At the start of this we moved in with my parents as our jobs are full on and my 1 year old doesn’t sleep meaning we are often very tired so we thought being on our own would be too difficult and one of us would have to give up work (neither workplace furloughing).
Now our nursery are saying the children can return from 1 June (or whatever the date may turn out to be). What are people doing in our situation? Do we send the kids back to nursery (particularly important I feel for DS1 who is 4 and starting reception in September to get used to the more formal preschool environment again) or do we continue living with grandparents and not send them, probably losing our nursery place? My parents are quite happy for us to do both as they feel the risk is low, but I feel guilty if the kids passed anything on. I have friends in ‘real life’ who do a mix, and I have heard some saying they are going to continue to do both (in fact some keyworker children at nursery throughout who are going to start using grandparents a day a week).

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Lockdowner13 Tue 19-May-20 20:11:03

My kids go to grandparents one day a week. We will be stopping all that and using a mixture of flex time and holiday to cover it. Nightmare but probably for the best.

Angeldust747 Tue 19-May-20 20:58:32

We're thinking of not sending DD back to nursery straight away and letting her go to her grandparents a few days a week. If she's going to nursery I'd rather she didn't see her grandparents also as it's an added risk (FIL has diabetes), and the best solution for everyone would be just grandparents for now. Probably going to review it in July as we're WFH so can't have her at home as much long term

tappitytaptap Tue 19-May-20 21:17:46

I think I would be keen to do the same, Angeldust, if DS1 were younger. It’s such a dilemma.

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