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Detailed guidance for nurseries/early years settings?

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MummaGiles Tue 19-May-20 15:06:28

Has this been published yet? Like the one that came out last Thursday for schools? I’ve had a look and can’t find anything, but the website isn’t the easiest to navigate.

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Bol87 Tue 19-May-20 15:41:32

The nursery stuff is just bundled up into the school advise as far as I can see!

Our nursery are doing the following, in line with guidance published last week covering early & schools:

•Keeping children in small groups with one/two staff
•Staggering meal times (they already do this to be fair)
•Staying in the one room all day (as opposed to using the library, sensory room etc)
•Children encouraged to be outdoors as much as possible using all the gardens, local woods & farm tracks (our nursery is rural)
•Removing soft furnishings that can’t easily be washed - all soft toys etc will be removed for the older children but a small, daily washable selection will be left for the babies & toddlers
•No PPE bar gloves & aprons when changing nappies/toilet duties (they already do this)
•The designated adult will not socially distance from the children in their group but will do their best with other children. Safety & wellbeing of the children will take precedent to social distancing however.
•Parents allowed in the building but not the rooms & obviously must socially distance & antibac their hands on arriving and leaving
•Children will be taken to wash their hands regularly, surfaces cleaned every hour & toys cleaned at least twice a day, if not more
•Any child with a temperature will be immediately isolated & sent home, even if it’s likely down to teething etc

I’m happy with steps nursery are taking. We are very lucky our nursery is a large building serving a small community so it’s spacious & it won’t be too hard to attempt to keep kids in small groups apart from another. Whenever we’ve picked up pre-corona times, children tend to be clustered in groups of 4/5 around each adult naturally doing an activity or playing. Obviously they normally have the freedom to move between adults & activities but I trust nursery when they say it’ll be a very gentle approach to encouraging children back into their group. We’ll see how it all pans out I suppose!

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