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Has ANYONE on here had a positive antibody test?

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Saladmakesmesad Mon 18-May-20 23:21:06

I know a few people have ordered and taken the antibody tests now but I've not heard of a single positive result. Anyone?!

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findingschools4myboys Mon 18-May-20 23:49:55

Yes I have. As has my husband and my youngest son. My older sons who also had symptoms tested negative. I think false negatives.

maxbabi Tue 19-May-20 00:24:48

Where do you get them from and are they reliable?

Saladmakesmesad Tue 19-May-20 12:35:48

At least that's one then! I was wondering if they were all duds haha.

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mummy203 Sat 23-May-20 23:08:28

I’ve just had my test back from I don’t have anti bodies 😢 I’m high risk with underlying health conditions, I can’t distance at work, I had symptoms in early March but unfortunately I didn’t have it. Fingers crossed for a vaccine

BanburyBun Sat 23-May-20 23:09:36

Yes I have. Was unwell at the end of March and did the antibody test this week out of curiosity.

Onceuponatimethen Sat 23-May-20 23:12:45

Did you get them privately?

bombaychef Sat 23-May-20 23:22:08

Are they reliable?

DamnYankee Sat 23-May-20 23:47:47

The test must be reliable and valid.
Reliability is about the consistency of a measure, and validity is about the accuracy of a measure.
So they are neither at this point.

I am very hopeful about a vaccine:

In the US. I can assure you that Dr. Fauci has been extremely conservative in his estimations and predictions - dour at times, really, so this seems very big!

I realize that even were a vaccine developed in August, it's going to be tricky to allocate it. Heath care workers would be first obviously. I hope national governments are drafting plans now.

mummykauli7 Sat 30-May-20 21:51:34

Hi. I work at a pharmacy in Sidcup, we started doing antibody tests last week and so far the results have been 50/50.

PammieDooveOrangeJoof Sat 30-May-20 22:12:47

Can I ask what pharmacy? Can anyone go and get one as I’m near Sidcup.

AlandAnna Sat 30-May-20 22:22:12

Husband was positive,
I was negative. We share a bed!

Mustbetimeforachange Sat 30-May-20 22:24:23

The CDC have just said that up to 50% of the quick tests (the ones that look like a pregnancy test!) produce up to 50% false negatives. The proper lab ones are better.

Wowzel Sat 30-May-20 22:25:15

I have had positive antibody tests - both on the point of care test as part of a clinical trial, as well as on the normal blood antibody test.

I also had two positive swabs a couple of months ago

Dannn Sat 30-May-20 22:37:14

I have, I am an ICU nurse and have been looking after COVID patients. I got the test through work as part of a clinical trial.

I didn’t have any symptoms, but both unsurprised and slightly relieved to have had it.

endofacentury Sat 30-May-20 22:53:20

I did the Superdrug one this week and it was negative. Was disappointed as I was very ill in Feb and am now caring for my mum who is terminally ill. It was £69

Billi77 Sat 30-May-20 23:55:58

I tested positive at a private testing centre in London. Had mild flu-like symptoms in March and probably caught off partner who also tested positive . Within our combined social and family groups, quite a few people tested positive. Others with identical or worse symptoms tested negative. I suspect there are a lot of false negatives

FrodoTheDodo Sun 31-May-20 07:19:19

I know of 2. Both frontline NHS who had the tests at work. Neither had had symptoms.

Bool Sun 31-May-20 08:21:08

My DH has a positive test. He was properly ill with it. I was with him all the time and had a mild cough for 2 months (unusual for me) and tested negative. These were antibody tests.

TerrapinStation Sun 31-May-20 08:27:52


Husband was positive,
I was negative. We share a bed!

Without presuming anything about Kate Garraway's marriage her husband has been critically ill for weeks while she and her children are fine, there's not a 100% transmission. On all the other threads I've read about tests there are many many posts reporting the same.

Are you having the tests out of curiosity, I may have missed it but I thought it wasn't known if there is immunity once you've had it.

Grobagsforever Sun 31-May-20 08:31:12

My school friends did, she was sick in March

Camomila Sun 31-May-20 08:53:47

My friends both got antibody tests on the nhs (hospital doctor couple). One had coronavirus in march, her partner assumed she'd been asymptomatic, but she tested negative so thinks she maybe didn't catch it at all.

rachyconks Sun 31-May-20 09:07:24

My BIL did. He had it at the beginning of lockdown. Fairly mild symptoms though.

Bool Sun 31-May-20 09:24:23

@TerrapinStation you are right they haven’t definitively proven immunity if you have antibodies so the WHO are still hedging their bets. But all contextual evidence would suggest that if you have antibodies you will have a degree of immunity for an unknown length of time. If that weren’t the case I doubt a vaccine would ever work. So my DH is feeling safer.

Bool Sun 31-May-20 09:25:22

On Kate Garraway - she met Prince Charles at some event just before lockdown. Prince Charles got ill with Covid shortly after. She may have passed it to her husband.

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