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Dogs at work!

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ITonyah Mon 18-May-20 18:47:26

Not sure how to handle this one.

We normally have a dog friendly office. Two of the dog owners are either furloughed or wfh, but one is coming in every day. He's a single bloke with two dogs. They are rescue dogs and quite highly strung, but he keeps them in his own office so it's not usually an issue.

The problem is that every time you go into his office the dogs go mad and have started jumping up. Obviously this isn't social distancing! And its annoying.

Today I told the dogs to stay and sit as I came in and he told me not to raise my voice at them.

I think I want to tell him that he can't bring them in any more unless he can teach them not to jump up. But he's a single guy and apparently dog walkers aren't working at the moment.

I'm not too bothered about the dogs but I have other staff to think about and they could complain because I'm not sure dogs that jump up are something anyone wants to have to deal with atm.

To make life more complicated I take my own dogs in, but they are very well behaved and never jump up and sit in my office in their beds.

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EmotionallyIncontinent Mon 18-May-20 19:00:33

This is not acceptable behaviour from this man. He must, at the very least, restrain his dogs when people enter his office.
If they continue to bark at people he will have to make other arrangements for them.
Having your dogs there is irrelevant, they behave well, your colleague does not.
Because he asked you not to speak to his dogs I wonder whether he likes them barking to put off people disturbing him.

ITonyah Mon 18-May-20 19:01:57

Yeah I've decided I'm going to say they need to stay at home until he can train them not to jump up. He's a difficult bloke at the best of times

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EmotionallyIncontinent Mon 18-May-20 20:05:02

If he can't find alternative arrangements and the rescue dogs would tear his house apart or suffer left alone, he'll have to put them in a dog crate everytime someone wants to enter his office.
And if they continue to bark he'll have to then come out of his office everytime someone wants to speak to him, making it inconvenient for him not the other way round.
Not ideal but a compromise I guess.

steppemum Mon 18-May-20 20:26:47

I have a dog.
When I walk him I wear old dog walking jeans.
I still gte annpyed when other people's dog's jump up. Especially if the owners do nothing.
That is out in the fields!

I would be really irritated if a dog did it to me in work clothes.

Social distancing means that I don't touch your coat and clothes. If I have to touch your dog, then I might as well have touched your coat and clothes. In other words if you are sick, then the virus is sitting on the dog's coat just like it is on your clothes.

It is up to him to make them obey social distancing. Not hard, he needs a lead. That's all.

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