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Not sure what to do?

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inthedarkx Mon 18-May-20 17:46:53

Please can I have some advice? No horrible comments, just advice on what other would do.

So stopped my ex taking the kids out, stopped him seeing them at my
House as well because he is still working, seeing his gf and then she's been working ect and she's been in contact with others and her children go to their dads/ nans ect so I said because your in contact with so many people I don't want you here as you will increase the risk to us of getting the virus, all out 6 children and myself. I said he can FaceTime them on the children's tablet whenever he wants. He's not been great with contact anyway, comes and goes when he wants and there is no court order or schedule that I am breaking here.

He's not happy about it, I explained it's just for now so we can lower the risk of getting virus. He's saying I'm stopping him seeing them and I'm really now, he's still FaceTiming them so I'm hardly cutting contact. He turned up at the house and tried to kick the door in I rang the police and they said I'm in the right to stop him due to this, he left after and didn't actual kick the door in, he just threatened to do it and tried but then left. So the police didn't come out and just logged it I got a call from my children's schools safe guarding due to this.

He then self isolated in his flat for a week and said he should be allowed to see them as he's been self isolating for a week so i said ok and he came over last Tuesday and spent time with the kids

Now he's back to the same, all over the place and wanting to come and see them at unreasonable hours, and I'm so scared of us getting this virus I don't want us having contact with anyone and now he's calling me a 'scruffy cunt' 'rotten inside' and that he's losing his bond with the kids and sees them differently now putting me in a guilt trip like a child.

If there was no virus there is no way I would stop him having the kids. And he acts like dad of the year when before this virus came here didn't stick to any sort of arrangement for that kids. He works against me not with me.

I don't know what to do for the best

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inthedarkx Mon 18-May-20 21:05:51

I got a notification to say there was a reply to this thread but can't see it?

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