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Grandparents vs school/childminder

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MamofCandJ Mon 18-May-20 13:52:37

Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster here! Apologies if this is long but I'll try to get to the point.
I'm a key worker and have been working one day a week since 'lockdown' began, however from 1 June this will increase to 3 days. This is unavoidable due to staffing levels etc which can't be helped.
My dh is currently on furlough so childcare for my dc has been no issue so far, however we're waiting any day for the phone call to say he has to go back to work. The issue is my youngest dc is only 18 months so obviously cannot go to school. We have a childminder for two days a week so that would be fine, it's the other day I'm struggling with. My parents (early 50s, no health issues, following all government guidance etc) are working from home for the foreseeable future, so I'm really struggling to see why I cannot use them for childcare for my working days?! Surely that would be preferable to sending them to two different places where there are so many unknowns. My eldest is 7 so could access school but surely just being with 3 others is preferable to x amount of children and staff who may have been in contact with x amount of others outside of school.

It's making me ill trying to decide what to do for the best, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you got to the end of this essay smile

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MrsP2015 Mon 18-May-20 14:00:03

Was the youngest in a nursery anyway?

I would actually say it would make more sense for both dc to be with grandparents the 3 days if that's at all possible?

If not I'd still choose grandparents the 3rd day when their dads back at work.

I may be slightly biased though as I don't think school will be beneficial for 'most' children right now. Making them stay away from each other and them returning to a school where everything has gone / looks bare, imo won't be good for little ones but that's a whole new topic!

HoneyBee03 Mon 18-May-20 14:01:59

If your parents are happy to take your DC for 3 days, I can't imagine that will be an issue. As you said, it's better that they go to one other place rather than splitting between childminder and grandparents. If I had that option, I think that's what I'd go for.

Do you have a notice period for your childminder? I think ours requires 4 weeks notice if we want to leave, as technically they may be expecting payment when they open from the 1st. I guess the only issue is if your parents get called back to work?

SarahMused Mon 18-May-20 14:06:32

My son and DIL are both key workers and I am looking after their baby while they work. I have found nothing that stops younger Grandparents doing this and as you say, it is safer in the current situation than mixing with a larger group at a nursery or childminder’s. I have been doing this from the start of the pandemic as I normally do a couple of days a week and he goes to a childminder’s for the other days. The childminder had to close because one of their own children has a lung condition.

MamofCandJ Mon 18-May-20 14:15:15

Thanks everyone for the replies smile
My youngest was between childminder and different family members before all this, his childminder has been very reasonable and kept his place open just asking for a small fee since beginning of April, as we could have still sent him there but with dh being off we haven't. I'm going to need her again once everything is back to 'normal' so don't really want to give up the place altogether.

I agree it would be the best solution to send them to my parent all 3 days, which my parents are happy to do until they do get called back to work, although it doesn't look likely anytime soon, especially for my dm as her employer is extremely flexible. It's just with the government guidance being to use school etc I'm conflicted with what to do.

Maybe I should just follow my gut instinct and send them to my parents on my working days and stop making myself ill worrying about it!

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memememe Mon 18-May-20 14:22:03

could you up the days at your childminder? then you are helping her to keep her business going, your child will be in the same place all week and it leaves the grandparents free to work when needed.

MamofCandJ Mon 18-May-20 14:27:28

Unfortunately we can't increase the days with the childminder, we were lucky to get the two in the first place as she's pretty busy. I agree going to the same place each day would be for the best, that's why I'm thinking my parents would be the best option for us but with all the guidance I'm second guessing myself.
My parents can work any hours within reason so they've said they'd work early/late on the days I need them if needed.

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