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The Government's answers to public's questions during press briefings

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JoBrodie Mon 18-May-20 09:40:02

The public's been invited to join journalists in asking questions during the Coronavirus Press Briefings and there's an online form to do so. Questioners can film themselves asking their question or can request that it's read out on their behalf.

300,000+ questions have been submitted by the public and the UK Gov's Comms team and the Government Digital Service have sifted through them, pulled out the most common topics and got answers to them.

They are...

Social distancing, and seeing your family and friends
• Can you clarify the difference between social distancing in a park with strangers rather than family and friends?
• Why am I allowed to meet in a park, but not in my garden?
• Can I meet more than 1 member of another household while observing social distancing?

When schools are reopening
• What’s the rationale behind sending reception, year 1 and year 6 students back to school?
• How do we make sure our children keep their distance from each other at school?
• Is it safe to send my child back to school if we’re shielding?
• Will I be fined if I choose not to send my child back to school because I don’t believe it’s safe?

Rules for reopening businesses, and weddings
• Can small gyms and clubs reopen if they follow social distancing and hygiene measures?
• Are hairdressers and beauty salons classified as hospitality or retail? When can they reopen?
• When will larger social gatherings and weddings be allowed?
• When will other shops, such as shoe shops and shopping centres be reopened?

This was published on 15 May 2020. I've not found much discussion on Twitter (you can paste a link into its search bar to see who's tweeted about it) so I've asked if this has been press-released - as it seems like something people might like to know about! I've also asked them to consider making the content available under a Creative Commons licence so that people can post the information elsewhere as long as they include a link back.


Plain text versions of the clickable links and

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JoBrodie Mon 18-May-20 09:46:12

Minor correction: 300,000 questions have been asked in total but these answers relate to 169,000 questions asked between 10 and 12 May.

Jo smile

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