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Holiday to Majorca in June.

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Emlou07 Mon 18-May-20 09:23:56

A few weeks ago it seemed impossible that we would be going. Now countries are reopening for international travel (Albeit with quarantine).

We are booked with Tui to fly on June 22nd to Majorca for 2 weeks. I understand that Majorca isn't 'open' yet. But should they open and we are 'allowed' to fly, even with the quarantine, does this mean we won't be eligible for a refund?

To be clear - even if we are 'allowed' to go, we do not want to go this year. We are hoping to change dates to the same time next year!

At the moment we have the option to change dates with Tui online for free, but because we booked it as a package through On The Beach I'm unsure if I can do that without them changing the hotel first?

Is anyone in the same boat or know what to do? I have co tacted On the beach and I'm waiting for a reply.

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mummymeister Mon 18-May-20 09:26:48

You need to read their terms and conditions to see if you can transfer at no extra cost. if the country is open and the accommodation is open then if you cancel its a "disinclination to travel" and therefore you probably wouldnt be eligible for a refund. Its a mess really as its just not straightforward now with some countries opening up and others not. If I were you I would try and transfer sooner rather than later if possible.

dementedpixie Mon 18-May-20 09:31:51

I imagine FCO advice will be not to travel unless it's essential. Spain don't want the Brits anyway

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