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Going back to work on 1st june....

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HedgeHogFoxBadger Sun 17-May-20 22:16:13

Ok so I work in a preschool and have been told to be expected to go back to work on 1st june. I feel this is too soon.
I am a single parent to 3 children, 17, 13 and 5 and my 5 year old will have to go back to school. However recently I have heard how schools wont be the same and I am thinking I dont want her to go back. I could leave her at home with my 17 year old while I work.
Preschool have been very good and are still paying full wages for everyone at the moment. We are not furloughed. But if I choose to stay off work I am worried how this will affect me? Does anyone have any advice please?
I am thinking they wont need every member of staff in everyday anyway so again how is that going to affect my earnings?
Sorry, just having a little panic!

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GreekOddess Sun 17-May-20 22:17:15

I'm not sure what choice you have. If you don't go back you risk losing your job.

Concerned7777 Sun 17-May-20 22:21:54

Regardless of your job I dont think you can expect not to go in but still get paid. You need to either request unpaid leave or if its illness preventing you going in get a sick note.

HedgeHogFoxBadger Sun 17-May-20 22:23:15

Ok thank you. I am ok to go in, it just scares me sending my 5 yr old to school......

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Nameofchanges Sun 17-May-20 22:24:00

Surely if you don’t go to work you will just get sacked?

I don’t want to go back on June 1st. I assume I will get sacked if I don’t.

HedgeHogFoxBadger Sun 17-May-20 22:25:10

I am pretty sure they cant sack you

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1happyhippie Sun 17-May-20 22:25:28

If you believe your 5yr old will be safer at home op, then don’t send them in.
No one will be penalised for doing what’s best for them at this time.

TW2013 Sun 17-May-20 22:25:38

Could your 17yr old look after your 5yr old?

Nameofchanges Sun 17-May-20 22:28:06

Hedgehog, I would love it if work couldn’t sack me. But surely it is in the contract that you must turn up for your shifts. I don’t see how just not turning up is possible, or I would be doing exactly that.

HedgeHogFoxBadger Sun 17-May-20 22:32:08

Yeah I am probably being silly about not being sacked.
Yes my 17yr old can look after 5 yr old. I work 8.15-12.45 mon, tues, fri and 8.15-4 thirsdays so that maybe a bit more demanding for her but like I said before they are probably going to do a rota type thing.
Sorry if I sound silly!

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Concerned7777 Sun 17-May-20 22:33:05

Of course you can be sacked if you are continually not fulfilling your contractual duties without good reason (ie you are sick, parental leave)

HedgeHogFoxBadger Mon 18-May-20 20:34:18

Panic is over! Today I had a letter from DD school explaining how they will restart school children, it explained everything very well. Work have been in contact and we will only be working part time hours on a rota.
I feel a lot happier

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