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The bubble thing

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TheUnquestionedAnswer Sun 17-May-20 21:42:28

Are we now allowed to meet more than one other person? I know of quite a few that are, and referring to it as 'social distancing within the bubble', even posting photos on sm.

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didmyhousethismornin Sun 17-May-20 21:43:51

I don’t think so

Dizzywizz Sun 17-May-20 21:45:18

No, just one person from another household (with social distancing)

Lumene Sun 17-May-20 21:45:19

Not according to the govt - but not sure if it is the law or just guidance.

TheUnquestionedAnswer Sun 17-May-20 22:24:03

Thanks, I thought I had missed something. Oh well, each to their own, I suppose! the second peak will be along before we know it

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