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Health anxiety and DC’s coronavirus

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Turtlepants Sun 17-May-20 20:37:34

DS(5) had Coronavirus back in March, the classic fever and then a horrendous cough that probably lasted around 10 days in total. DD(2) had a milder cough but no fever. As we all had it back in March we didn’t seek tests as we assumed none would be available, and just followed the advice to self-isolate. The relief when DS stopped coughing literally all night was immense.

I’m now reading about this Kawasaki-like disease that some children have been suffering from, and have got myself in knots worrying about a delayed reaction to it. I’m a huge worrier (I’ve had therapy for emetophobia and health anxiety in the past) but it’s really getting me down feeling their heads for fever constantly and reading about it.

That’s it really, just feeling a bit sad and fed up of new things to worry about. This is all so shit.

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