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People at work and toilets

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porktangle Sun 17-May-20 17:47:49

Just been reading a school thread about the need for specified toilet breaks for groups of children and staff cleaning toilets after use between individuals etc. I work in a hospital (office environment with clinic rooms and go on and off a ward) and I've suddenly had a 'oh buggar' moment. We haven't had to do anything special about toilets....should we have been?

There's been no extra cleaning.....was this a thing we've missed?? What are others doing who are physically in the workplace?

Feel a bit of a prat that it never even occurred to any of us (that said, we have no control over the cleaner and aren't allowed in their supply cupboard!)

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LilyPond2 Sun 17-May-20 17:56:10

I have a recollection of reading somewhere that if someone with the virus has been for a poo, flushing could send the virus into the air so (a) people should put the lid down before flushing, and (b) best for one person not to use the toilet straight after someone else, but instead leave time for the virus to fall to the ground. I think poo was more of a concern than urine. Sorry, this is from memory so can't link.

porktangle Sun 17-May-20 17:59:59

Our hospital toilets don't even have lids....🤦🏼‍♀️

Basically nothing has changed with cleaning of the facilities. Staff toilets certainly aren't cleaned after every use, even on the ward and they get ALOT or traffic as we are staffed normally.

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MrsSchadenfreude Sun 17-May-20 18:21:44

We have seat covers and spray disinfectant.

raviolidreaming Sun 17-May-20 18:30:05

Nothing special going on in the hospital / community base I work at. Although I am using a hand towel to open the door rather than touch the handle and then using hand gel, but I sometimes did that before anyway!

porktangle Sun 17-May-20 19:57:34

@raviolidreaming me too. I've always opened the doors with a paper towel!

Somewhat reassured your hospital is the same as mine 🤣

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WrongKindOfFace Sun 17-May-20 20:03:46

I’m working (although not in a hospital). They’re supposed to be cleaned more often, but I’m not convinced twice instead of once will make a difference. They’re also small with no way to socially distance if you find yourself in there with another person. On the plus side we haven’t (yet) had an outbreak (although plenty were undiagnosed but had symptoms a couple of months ago).

DartmoorChef Sun 17-May-20 20:07:41

You would expect people to be washing their hands thoroughly after the toilet anyway.

Kids may not be as good at this so extra cleaning in schools is understandable.

porktangle Sun 17-May-20 21:15:06

@DartmoorChef absolutely, the children factor definitely means those toilets are likely to be grubbier than the adults!

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Wingedharpy Sun 17-May-20 22:44:00

I read that too @LilyPond2 and as I'm shielding, DH and I had to revisit the toilet rota and the "flush/don't flush, leave lid up/put lid down" plan we were planning up to that point.

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