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URGENT PLEASE - Coronavirus home test registration saying date of birth error?!

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BuggerOffStockpilers Sun 17-May-20 14:18:40

We have done the home tests and they have gone off with the courier today. Unfortunately when I tried to register them - which I must do today or we won't be able to access the results - it said date of birth error each time ie the dates of birth I put in did not match the ones I had entered when I first applied for the tests. Except it should - because I definitely got them all right each time. I am told it is a common problem but the helpline person does not know the solution.

Has anyone had this issue and had it resolved please? I really don't want this all to have been a waste of time and to not get the results.

Didkdt Sun 17-May-20 14:52:01

If it's a common problem they must have a solution try the helpline again

BuggerOffStockpilers Sun 17-May-20 15:08:58

Thanks for replying. I was on the phone to the helpline for so very long. They can't call you back, they're all working from home, and don't have access to any senior staff for help. All the - very nice - person could do was email feedback to PHE. Unless I can find a way to resolve it today, we won't get our results.

Another problem the person highlighted was you are apparently not meant to give the same email address and mobile phone number for all family members. It does not say this anywhere in the notes that come with the test or online when booking, and most young children do not have their own email and mobile number! This wasn't causing the date of birth problem though, apparently, it just means you might not know which positive/negative result relates to which person.

I am trying to rev myself up to ring again and see if another person can help, but it's hard feeling unwell and looking after DCs, to spend ages on the phone again.

BuggerOffStockpilers Sun 17-May-20 15:36:47

Thanks Didkdt for giving me the nudge to ring and try someone else. I thought about doing it but didn't want to waste any more time - it would have been phone call number 4. Anyway, it was 4th time lucky! This person said they did have access to a supervisor and also an admin portal - they accessed both, entered the bar codes manually and the tests are all registered now and very quickly - they couldn't understand why the previous person couldn't do that. Phew. Now just got to wait for the results.

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