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Hay fever and coronavirus - anyone with the latter noticed fewer hay fever symptoms this year?

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Keepdistance Sun 17-May-20 14:14:55

Did he have an unusual dry nose throughout?
I had that. Im usually like a tap with allergies. Its like my nose has been switched off a bit.

myguy Sun 17-May-20 13:58:06

Just wondered - my dh has had coronavirus symptoms for weeks but one thing he hasn't really had this year is hay fever.

Normally he would have had streaming eyes, nose, sneezing etc for weeks by this time in the year - but despite being outside a lot and the good weather this year, virtually nothing.

I'm wondering if the fact his body has been fighting a real virus this year has meant the immune system hasn't had the energy (so to speak) to go after pollen?

Anyone else found this?

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