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Camber sands/ folkestone

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tearsandtiaras Sun 17-May-20 16:02:51

Thanks! Great tips!

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CatkinToadflax Sun 17-May-20 15:06:10

I live further along the coast and have heard exactly the same as Em about Camber.

EmMac7 Sun 17-May-20 15:04:01

I live in Folkestone. The beaches here are open and you won’t have difficulty finding a park. Quieter spots include The Warren, north of Folkestone, and the area between Hythe and Sandgate, or down past Dymchurch.

We want to visit Camber Samds ourselves, because it’s a very wide beach, easy to keep a good distance compared to here, but it seems the council down there is hostile to non-locals and the main beach is closed and patrolled by police.

tearsandtiaras Sun 17-May-20 13:44:37

Im going to take my DD to one of
These beaches this week?
The beach car parks are open from tomorrow at camber and ncp at Folkestone. Does anyone know if these beaches busy or have any tips for a quiet spot away from the main beach?

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