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Heart palpitations as part of recovery?

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toodlepipsqueaks Sun 17-May-20 10:13:10

DMIL was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon as she was experiencing heart palpitations. Heart function tests clear so she has been sent home. Doctor said that she had probably contracted the virus a couple of months back when she had some aches and pains, tiredness, and this is her body still fighting as a delayed reaction. Anyone heard or experienced similar? When I first heard her symptoms I thought more likely that she's currently infected. Makes me think how much more we perhaps still have to find out about the virus' effects!

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oralengineer Sun 17-May-20 11:29:21

I suspect I had Covid in early Feb. Over late March I developed palpitations after drinking coffee. I am a caffeine addict so have reluctantly moved to decaf. Prior to that I was a 5+cups a day woman.
There have been a lot of people who have had mild(confirmed) cases that have reported arrhymias during recovery. I think one of the TV doctor twins (Xanda?) had problems post recovery.

Vava87 Sun 17-May-20 11:30:28

I’ve had heart palpitations since suspected COVID-19 in late March

toodlepipsqueaks Sun 17-May-20 11:35:16

Thank you, both, and sorry to hear that. I hope it passes for you soon. DMIL's doctor said it would be because her body was still fighting it - I'm hopeful for everyone that means it's some sort of immune response or similar rather than being a sign of damage.

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