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Positive Glass Half Full Thread

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wheresmymojo Sun 17-May-20 09:37:13

This isn't about judging anyone who is finding it difficult but I've been reading some of the threads this morning about the whole situation and people seem very 'on the edge'.

I thought it might be good to have a positive thread...not denying that this is a weird time but focusing on the positives and what can be done that brings a bit of joy.

Anyone else in?

I'll week I'm meeting with three friends on separate days (all outside and socially distanced). We're taking our own flasks of coffee or whatever and I can't wait.

Yesterday we went on a picnic and that was lovely too - just the change of scenery. Not many people around but enough for a spot of people watching and there were loads of little ducklings on the lake...

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Clavinova Sun 17-May-20 10:09:15

Yes, meeting a friend next week with a flask. Golf playing family: DH, DF, DFIL, DS1 (17), DNs x 2 all meeting 1 friend to play 9 holes - (reduced from 18 because of social distancing). DH plans to take DS2 (11) the following week.

wheresmymojo Sun 17-May-20 10:51:04

I was about to say that maybe golf will have a resurgence but then realised it's quite an investment in golf kit if you don't think you'll do it longer term.

I have however started watercolour painting (never painted before - not since school anyway) but following tutorials an artist in the New Forest does for adults and children of various animals.

So far I've only done a cow but it's definitely recognisable as a cow so pretty pleased with it!

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nannynick Sun 17-May-20 11:00:57

Scheduled to work 49 hours this coming week... work is getting back to normal.

Went for a walk this morning to the local shop and saw several people wearing face coverings in the shop, in addition to myself. This is nice to see as it should help reduce virus spread should someone be asymptomatic.

Sun with some cloud where I am, so it could be a nice day for getting outdoors.

wheresmymojo Sun 17-May-20 11:33:34

Nice weather predicted all week next week...we have got stuff in to have a BBQ on a couple of nights smile

I'm veggie so make do with halloumi and corn on the cob but still good!

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