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Kids with asthma

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NutellaOnButteryToast Sun 17-May-20 18:13:54

Yes, I wonder the same OP, so bumping for you.

I think if it's not considered severe and they haven't recieved a letter from the GP, then the risk should only be ever so slightly higher.

thaegumathteth Sun 17-May-20 18:00:06

Final hopeful bump!

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middleager Sun 17-May-20 08:23:18

Bumping too. My 14 year old has asthma - triggered by seasonal changes and hayfever. When he gets a cold it impacts him completely differently, but haven't had steroids for a while.

I'm also interested to see any data.

thaegumathteth Sun 17-May-20 08:01:49


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thaegumathteth Sun 17-May-20 00:52:01

Thanks for replying

I had them on D but tbh haven't been remembering it every day so must do better

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Keepdistance Sun 17-May-20 00:27:57

I looked today but couldnt find it.
We just had something with an awful cough. My dd2 4 coughed for about 6w. And dd1 is on about week 4 so far. Not diagnosed asthma but i have it and dd2 does get coughs for weeks aftee colds just not normally this long. For the first time ever dd1 has described coughing up phlegm.

Have you got them on vit d supplements?

thaegumathteth Sun 17-May-20 00:19:08

Anyone know where I could find any data / info on this?i couldn't really find what I'm looking for in asthma UK website.

Both my kids have asthma ds (13) and dd (9). Both on seretide inhaler and ds on montelukast too. They haven't had oral steroids for ages and ages (touch all the wood!!). Not actually sure dd ever has had them apart from for croup. Ds had them occasionally when younger - asthma tends to be coughing non stop. He's also had pneumonia from flu before.

I'm a very anxious person and I'm trying to rationalise but I am finding it difficult to work out how at risk the kids are because of their asthma.

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