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Long Term Coping Strategies

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Howaboutanewname Sat 16-May-20 20:47:20

What can we all do to now that might improve our outcomes should we contract COVID badly?

I am thinking:
Lose weight if over weight
Take a multivitamin and/or Vitamin D supplement

Anything else?

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YogaLite Sat 16-May-20 21:22:05

I limit food intake to avoid shopping (and lose weight). I did that just through fear of going to the shops as I don't shop online.

We eat at least 1/3rd less than usual, by merging lunch with dinner and cutting down on snacks.

YogaLite Sun 17-May-20 11:24:02

It would be good to grow some veg although I can't at the moment.

However, I recommend community orchards - last year I picked a lot of apples, made them into apple butter and sealed them into jars. Not only they were organic and with only small amounts of sugar, they kept us going for desert treats throughout the winter and the lockdown - still have a few jars left.

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