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Do some people want lockdown until there’s a vaccine?

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grinotpigio Sat 16-May-20 14:49:28

Trying to make sense of the ‘right’ thing to do with sending my kids to school or not when/if they reopen- very divided opinions from fellow school parents on Facebook and so on.

There’s quite a few people unhappy to put their children at any sort of risk and adamant their children won’t be going back until it’s truly ‘safe’ but what exactly does this mean? I’ve been looking at other threads about how a vaccine isn’t guaranteed any time soon so life with the virus may be the new reality, are some people (including those who are not classed as vulnerable) really prepared to live in lockdown longterm indefinitely until a vaccine is available?

Same with people being criticised on social media for crowding up outdoor exercise spots and so on, even though certain rules are being slowly eased. Or businesses reopening.

I guess what I mean is- what do these people want/expect? A longer, stricter lockdown? Or an indefinite one until we can successfully vaccinate against covid?

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Keepdistance Sat 16-May-20 15:09:12

Well the oxford woman thought a vax by sept.

2 cases in bristol schools just this week (3teachers).

I want the uk to do what other countries are which is testing and tracing and closing things when there are cases. Our bubbles will be a joke.
People seem to think hand washing will stop them getting it. - its in the air when people sing breathe and cough etc

FourTeaFallOut Sat 16-May-20 15:13:19

I want to wait until we have the comparable low levels of coronavirus in the community and similar R0 value as those less badly hit areas in this country and when test, track and isolate has been established. I'm shielding, fwiw.

DonnaDarko Sat 16-May-20 15:20:25

In an ideal world, before lockdown is lifted, I would like:

A big drop in the number of cases and deaths
A policy of contact tracing
A more in-depth policy of testing for everyone with symptoms, and members of their households

But we have a Tory government who are, in my opinon, still pursuing herd immunity so I very much doubt this will happen .

I, personally, will be social distancing until a vaccine is found. So I will only be going out for essential reasons. I am on furlough but my job is 100% remote. Hopefully, I will be going back or I might need to leave the house for work which is the only other time I will be stepping out the house.

IrmaFayLear Sat 16-May-20 15:27:04

I saw on another thread a teacher saying they wouldn't be going back until it was 100% safe and no cases in the country. I think they'll be off a very long time.

grinotpigio Sat 16-May-20 15:28:11

@Keepdistance ah I see- so you think we need a better system with testing etc before schools should reopen? Are they currently testing teachers?

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starfro Sat 16-May-20 15:28:20

There won't be a vaccine by September. 18 months is the very best case, and never is quite possible.

I'm not convinced that "herd immunity" is being pursued, given the fact that the latest data shows very few people have had the virus (5%).

Newcornishmama Sat 16-May-20 15:29:38

A vaccine isn't guaranteed, what then?

UnaOfStormhold Sat 16-May-20 15:29:47

We really need a test, trace and isolate system in place and low enough cases to make it manageable. Otherwise a second wave seems inevitable.

grinotpigio Sat 16-May-20 15:31:47

@IrmaFayLear This is what is confusing me about some of the posts I’ve seen from parents- some of them seem to be saying it’s ridiculous to open schools whilst there’s risk of corona or that it’s stupid to open them because it will just allow further spread.

However, there’s every possibility a cure/vaccine won’t materialise in the near future or for quite a long time. If that’s the case then there will be still be a risk of getting the virus in September, in the New Year, even after a super-strict lockdown- it will exist, people will still be at risk, gatherings of people including schools opening will give it opportunity to spread again. It’s not magically going to disappear in a certain timeframe.

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Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Sat 16-May-20 15:32:18

I was intrigued to read today about dogs possibly being trained to sniff corona infected people before there are symptoms. Stuff like this could be game changing. Cute little spaniels could man school doors or train stations. I’m only partly joking.

Milbo Sat 16-May-20 15:32:48

I have an immunocompromised 4 year old and I am terrified about how much risk this exposes him to. At the moment we have been told to strictly shield, the discussions with his immunologist have been largely along the lines of he won’t return to normal life until a vaccine is found or they successfully eradicate the virus here and carefully control people coming in (we live in one of the few areas where that might actually happen). My heart breaks for him but it’s more important he’s alive.

Bluntness100 Sat 16-May-20 15:35:47

I think some folks would like schools never to reopen particularly if it means they don’t need to return to work.

Others just would like until September off as that seems in their heads an acceptable amount of time.

Others have a genuine concern Ie they or their children are vulnerable

Others again simoly don’t understand it, only read things like the daily mail headlines or mumsnet. So simoly go with whatever seems to be the majority view to them from that.

Others again are just enjoying the drama.

There is no one answer op.

IrmaFayLear Sat 16-May-20 15:39:50

Good reply, Bluntness100.

PuzzledObserver Sat 16-May-20 15:49:56


On what basis do you say There won't be a vaccine by September. 18 months is the very best case when a) the Oxford team say they are 80% confident their vaccine will work; b) they have entered a partnership with Astra Zeneca to produce a million doses by September, so they will be ready to go if it does work;

I make that 4:1 on that there will be a vaccine by September.

As for and never is quite possible, there are over a hundred candidate vaccines in development. It is possible that none of them will be safe and effective, yes, but not likely. But the experts expect that at least one will work - although maybe not for September.

cologne4711 Sat 16-May-20 15:50:52

Yes loads of people on here do. They seem to fail to realise that there may never be one.

I really hope there is though, I can't live with this queuing to get into shops nonsense for too much longer. I've tried three times to get into my local Waitrose this week and the queues get longer every time I go.

As for the schools, well I've rehearsed my views enough on other threads.

FATEdestiny Sat 16-May-20 15:51:07

My child go to a primary school in area of the top 10% socio-economic deprivation in the country. These are the children who most need to be in school because they'll be falling further and further behind.

Such patents need a proper charm offensive to get them to trust schools.but it's just not forthcoming and so the vast majority are refusing to even consider sending the kids back.

I read somewhere that the union stance to avoid schools going back is very "middle class". I absolutely agree. The children who need in-school education most in deprived families are being convinced that The System is BAD, so are losing trust.

0v9c99f9g9d939d9f9g9h8h Sat 16-May-20 15:51:41

No. I want lockdown followed by testing AG's tracing once the transmission rate is low enough for this to be effective.

0v9c99f9g9d939d9f9g9h8h Sat 16-May-20 15:52:04


starfro Sat 16-May-20 16:00:33


Because that is what the experts are saying behind closed doors, and I have access to one. Vaccines normally take decades. 18 months is turbo-charging the process. They are being a lot more optimistic in public than they are in private.

Remember we're still waiting for an HIV vaccine, nearly 40 years on...

Pootle40 Sat 16-May-20 16:02:24

Will children over 5 even get the vaccine anyway? Surely it will be at risk groups only......

JustSew Sat 16-May-20 16:10:44

You can try to eliminate all risk from life but it would be very restrictive.
You could completely eliminate the risk of childhood death in road traffic accidents by banning cars. Instead most people are comfortable with taking sensible precautions like using seatbelts and obeying traffic laws.

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Sat 16-May-20 16:26:29

I’m genuinely worried that the vaccine will effectively be compulsory for children ie no school without it.

I’m not anti vaccine but I feel it will of course be rushed through and I have genuine issues with vaccinating the young to protect the old from a moral standpoint.

olivehater Sat 16-May-20 16:35:55

I agree Glasgow. I would’nt vaccinate my children any time soon and I have always been very pro vaccines. I have paid privately for my children to have men b and chickenpox vaccine.
It will have been rushed and it does seem wrong to vaccinate them to protect other groups. I would rather test them for the antibodies first. I am pretty sure they have had it anyway.

FATEdestiny Sat 16-May-20 16:36:41

Parent at our school is refusing return to school until it is "fully safe". Fully safe will mean a vaccine.

Said parent has been vocal in refusing the flu vaccine for his children in previous years.

So I assume what he wants is that everyone else gets vaccinated, but not his own children. And only then (next calender year maybe?) will he consider returning his 3 children to primary school.

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