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When will the media tide turn

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Time2change2 Sat 16-May-20 00:48:07

So anyone who isn’t a complete ‘sheeple’ knows that much of the media and press is driven by what the government wants us to think and behave. Need them to stay in? Scare the living crap out of as many people as possible with day after day of deaths. Not working and young people still going out? Instantly day after day of young healthy people dying with COVID.
It’s worked it seems. Much of the UK have lapped it up and are now too scared to send kids back to school or go to work. But soon (over the next 2/3 months) kids are going to have to go back. Workers will have to return. Shops will need people back in spending money. And soon after that? Tourism will need to be restarted, flights will need to fly with people on them.
It’s going to take work from the media and government to undo the fear they have instilled.
I’m watching with interest about when the media tide turns. When will we hear of recoveries, good news stories and positive outcomes. When will this agenda be pushed?
Anyone else watching and waiting? It’s all so obvious to me and I can’t believe more people can’t see straight through it!

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Starlilly88 Sat 16-May-20 01:04:17

Totally agree, the propaganda we've been fed over the last few months has been disgusting. Strange how all the scare stories about kids appear as they announce schools reopening. I can see right through it all but it's scary that people believe everything they read

Time2change2 Sat 16-May-20 01:06:31

Exactly! Why do more people not stop, think and question what they are seeing and reading? Just blindly believe the ‘experts’ and media with no further research or questioning?

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Sadie789 Sat 16-May-20 01:13:37

*When will we hear of recoveries, good news stories and positive outcomes. When will this agenda be pushed?*

When has the media ever told the happy stories?

Happy doesn’t sell.

Sadie789 Sat 16-May-20 01:19:22

The media has been handed a big fat golden goose with coronavirus because it’s the story that just keeps giving.

We’ve gone from lockdown and the “will we hit 1000 deaths a day” drama to schools and tubes, then it will be numbers going back up (which isn’t actually news, of course they will go up when people start mixing again) then it will be redundancies and taxes and UC problems then it will be mortgages and house prices and so on and so on. The paper is filled for the rest of 2020 already.

To start saying hey people are recovering, not so many are dying, it’s all going great. People just don’t read those kinds of stories.

Time2change2 Sat 16-May-20 01:25:08

I agreed horrible stories sell but my point is that the government is feeding us the agenda so they will be told what stories to feature at certain points. If the government needs us out and many people are too fearful to come out, the media will be a way to easily convince people

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Time2change2 Sat 16-May-20 01:29:10

In fact it’s already started with the ‘2 weeks and London will have eradicated the virus’ how convenient when that’s when schools start to go back

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Redolent Sat 16-May-20 01:29:41

OP is getting increasingly more incoherent. Go to bed.

DBML Sat 16-May-20 03:01:42

Do what I’ve done op and boycott the news! The only updates I see about CV are here on Mumsnet.

The constant cycle of “news”, at first made me anxious, but frankly is just boring now.

Just turn it off.

user764329056 Sat 16-May-20 03:05:04

Totally agree, they’ve put terror into everyone

ToffeeYoghurt Sat 16-May-20 03:12:54

But soon (over the next 2/3 months) kids are going to have to go back. Workers will have to return
Well then that gives us 2/3 months to do what many other countries already have. Get on with the tests, get enough PPE for frontline staff, get drugs and equipment, treat patients early, masks for the public.

That's our safe way out. Other countries have managed it.

People have brains, eyes, and ears. They don't need to be 'fed' anything by the government. It's rational to be cautious about a deadly very infectious virus that's killed more people in the UK than most other countries worldwide.

ToffeeYoghurt Sat 16-May-20 03:18:00

I agree with you OP though about the government attempting to feed us lies. I just don't think they're very good at it.

The 'London will soon be free of Covid' was a particularly feeble attempt. Who in their right mind would believe that. Whilst we have thousands arriving daily at our airports with no restrictions, checks, or quarantine. And all those poor people crowded onto tubes and buses going back to work.

If only the government spent more time on the practical measures required to get us out of this instead of failed propaganda.

JennyJazz Sat 16-May-20 03:44:09

Probably another week, when the numbers are in after the partial lifting of restrictions in England. It's already started on MN.

fedupfrida Sat 16-May-20 10:02:41

I couldn’t agree more.
The media in this country - even those who claim to be serious (ha) - have lost any semblance of integrity.
Between Covid and Brexit (which the media also manipulated along with various MPs) they have proven themselves to be farcical.
They manipulate the public constantly just to sell headlines and control us. We are their puppets.
I wish people would question their reporting more and think more critically.
I have also boycotted them. I’ll never buy a newspaper or click on a news link again. I refuse to watch the news on tv now either.
I don’t trust a word they say.

Sadie789 Sat 16-May-20 10:49:54

Thank you @fedupfrida finally someone else who can see what’s really going on.
This whole crisis might just save some newspapers that were about to fold.
It’s in their interest to keep the hysterical nonsense flowing.

Hagisonthehill Sat 16-May-20 11:06:32

I don't watch the news or read the papers.
I see the BBC headlines on line and look at the DOH updates.
I work in the NHS so local updates and coffee room chats keep me upto date there.
Then Mumsnet for a little light relief,reading less now as the children Vs teachers hysteria has arrived and will probably stop in the future when the NHS backlash occurs.

Whatsthis1515 Sat 16-May-20 11:09:57

This is all so true and exactly my thoughts!
I have some really intelligent friends and family members and they have all totally fallen for it

NiteFlights Sat 16-May-20 11:10:22

*I’ll never buy a newspaper or click on a news link again. I refuse to watch the news on tv now either.
I don’t trust a word they say.*

What an excellent way to stay informed.

OP YABVU for using the word ‘sheeple’.

InfiniteSheldon Sat 16-May-20 11:42:00

Gov policy seems driven by Left wing media scaremongering its actually quite frightening

Orangeblossom78 Sat 16-May-20 11:51:16

We have started getting pretty rainbow ads instead of the 'people will die' ones on the papers I noticed. the other day the news stand looked very pretty

i told my neighbour how I felt about the media and she called me a 'cynic' though.

Wunderweb Sat 16-May-20 11:58:16

If we start down that route we’ll end up condemning ‘the media’ in a blanket way. There’s been anti ‘media’ protests in USA this week. We need sound, good thorough journalists, not columnists paid for mouthing opinions.
Choose your news sources carefully but don’t write it all off.

hatebeak Sat 16-May-20 13:03:47

The second anyone uses the word "sheeple" they lose any right to have what they say taken seriously.

Orangeblossom78 Sat 16-May-20 13:14:52

I googled sheeple and it just means when people behave like sheep.

Why so much of an issue with it?

People do follow each other, for example with the stockpiling of toilet roll. Psychologists study it.

starfro Sat 16-May-20 13:17:40

Under 20's are more likely to die in a car accident than of Covid. However the elderly are very much at risk.

The media have lurched from "it's no problem" to "it'll kill you all". There is no nuance, no discussion of risk. Now people are too scared to leave their houses.

It would have been better to label this a virus that is harmful to the elderly, and only results in very rare harmful illness in the under 60's.

There is also no discussion of relative risk. Any activity, even staying at home, incurs risk. There is always a balance and any decision isnt helped by the irrational fear that has been promoted.

The80sweregreat Sat 16-May-20 13:41:06

The mail have turned tide for weeks now.
There is now this underlying attack on teachers and will be until the schools are open up fully.
They have their agendas.

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