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ShootingStar71 Fri 15-May-20 20:18:01

Hi sorry if this has been asked but my Reception age daughter attends an Academy as opposed to a Primary School. I understand that Academy’s receive their funding directly from Government & am just wondering if this will mean that this will make a difference to them re-opening having seen the report from another Academy group insisting that they will be opening 1 June... apologies if this doesn’t make sense (trying to type whilst having dinner) many thanks

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Windyatthebeach Fri 15-May-20 20:21:39

Our academy school has just announced not opening June 1 St. They have released new workload online for it's students..

Hadenoughfornow Fri 15-May-20 20:24:26

I guess it depends on the academy.

That academy chain has schools in some very deprived areas.

It really isn't the case that schools being closed is good for many of the children who attend. On the other hand a lot of the surrounding community will probably be classed as vulnerable.

It depends if the staff agree though.

JimMaxwellantheshippingforcast Sat 16-May-20 03:55:44

I would also think it depends if the government agree

MrsWombat Sat 16-May-20 05:59:48

It would depend on the academy chain. Our one is opening but in a much-reduced capacity to how the government has suggested they could open. It's not a statutory requirement.

TJH130 Sat 16-May-20 08:13:00

Academy schools will also be thinking about costs of opening and will consider that. If they open they may need to use supply teachers therefore cost more to them and their bean counters

PleasantVille Sat 16-May-20 08:16:15

Isn't one of the features of academies that they set their own rules, the only way to know about a specific one would be to contact them. I don't think you can assume that there'll be any kind of uniformity in what they do.

Lumene Sat 16-May-20 08:18:58

Whether or not a school is an academy or not makes no difference to the expectation they will follow the govt advice and guidelines on re-opening.

Lumene Sat 16-May-20 08:20:26

Academy schools will also be thinking about costs of opening and will consider that. If they open they may need to use supply teachers therefore cost more to them and their bean counters

This is the same for local authority schools. All schools will have a budget they have to work within, pandemic or no pandemic.

TJH130 Sat 16-May-20 09:56:39

Our local academy chain uses fixed term contracts to save money in the summer term, never heard of LEA schools doing this.

Alone07 Sat 16-May-20 10:02:51

We got an email last night telling parents that if schools were to open on the 1st how they would manage it.
They are an Academy, and from what I've read I think they have the right right things in place.

Worriedmum999 Sat 16-May-20 10:34:23

The head of our private school contacted those higher up to see if they could stay closed as he believes that opening this side of the summer holidays is madness. He was told he has to follow government guidelines. I think he is now relying on parents doing the right thing and keeping their child at home if they can which most will be doing. Obviously they don’t have to worry about children at home in poverty and without access to IT to complete online schooling.

Worriedmum999 Sat 16-May-20 10:35:21

So if private schools can’t follow their own rules I very much doubt academies will be able to.

NeurotrashWarrior Sat 16-May-20 10:39:34

It will ultimately depend on the local area's rate of infection to be honest.

They've all made plans as those plans will be useful at any point but it's still not definite.

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