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Where has Chris Whitty gone?

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Cakeandcustard123 Fri 15-May-20 17:52:20

Just that really - anyone know why he hasn't been at the briefings for quite a while?

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CoronaLonaSad Fri 15-May-20 18:16:34

He's vanished again!!

Where's Whitty?

Cakeandcustard123 Fri 15-May-20 18:22:16

Can we start a campaign #whereswhitty


I wonder if he disagrees with the advice being given so he isnt at the briefings?

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Tara336 Fri 15-May-20 18:24:26

I’m not sure where he’s gone, did we all imagine him? Even his infomercial has disappeared from our lives

Sunshinegirl82 Fri 15-May-20 18:24:31

I believe he was meeting with the teaching unions today along with Patrick Valance.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 15-May-20 18:24:58

He's probably at home answering emails from 1000s of female admirers.

Cakeandcustard123 Fri 15-May-20 18:35:49

It just seems odd he had become the public face of the campaign to fight coronavirus and the public has a lot of confidence in him but he seems to have gone AWOL and Jenny Harries is on all the time (she is good too!)

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WhiteChocTwix Fri 15-May-20 19:12:35

@TheCountessofFitzdotterel 😂 highly likely! (Not sarcastic, I think he's fabulous. He's my weird crush as he reminds me of my DH. DH is ok with this).

He appeared at the briefing on Monday (think it was Monday, every day is the same...) keeping Boris in check. I always pay more attention when the prof is speaking 🍷

Crunchymum Fri 15-May-20 19:19:54

Doesn't he now only appear with Boris? Same with Vallance. The "dream team" shock

Crunchymum Fri 15-May-20 19:20:23

I agree, I do like Jennie Harries.

lboogy Fri 15-May-20 19:21:43

I think Jonathan van tam is another good advisor and Jennie is good too.

TrickyWords Fri 15-May-20 19:23:17

He met with the NEU today along with Patrick Valance.

Cakeandcustard123 Fri 15-May-20 19:27:55

Oh that's good I didn't know he was on on Monday. Glad he hasn't vanished!!

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Samtsirch Fri 15-May-20 19:39:48

Has he gone to his second home for the weekend?

Samtsirch Fri 15-May-20 19:40:39

That was a joke, I forgot to put the 😆

WhiteChocTwix Fri 15-May-20 19:51:17

@Crunchymum I think it takes two of them to prop Boris up and keep him in check 😂

@cakeandcustard123 I agree with you, he needs to be on more. I appreciate his reassurance. Once a week isn't enough!

PJsEveryday Fri 15-May-20 20:18:53

@whitechoctwix I have a huge crush on ROry Kinear - a better looking version of my DH. Dh was very unimpressed when i told him - he sees Rory Kinear as podgy, bald and not attractive. I think he looks lovely.

I find Chris whitty a voice of calm reason and fundamentally reassuring.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 15-May-20 20:22:46

PJs, I hope only told your dp that he resembles Rory Kinnear not that Kinnear is better looking too!

Oblomov20 Fri 15-May-20 20:24:59

When will he be back on our screens?

Is what we want to know.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 15-May-20 20:26:09

It would be helpful if they would tell us in advance who was going to do the briefing!

Delatron Fri 15-May-20 20:49:52

Yep. I want the line up in advance. If Whitty is on, I’ll watch. He is the voice of reason. And he answers all the questions well.

WhiteChocTwix Fri 15-May-20 21:14:00

@PJsEveryday I had to Google Rory as I wasn't sure who he was but he's cute! Your DH shouldn't worry about that comparison 👍

I agree with PP we need to know when Whitty is on the telly.
It's a bright light in the week when every. day. is. the. same...

geojojo Fri 15-May-20 21:16:08

I think he was meeting the teaching unions today to attempt to reassure them.

Miriel Fri 15-May-20 21:22:48

I stopped trusting Jenny Harries when she said that being in a large crowd was no more dangerous than being in a small group because when you're in a crowd you're only directly next to a small number of individuals within it and so the people further away can't infect you. Either she actually missed the obvious point that crowds aren't generally static, or (more likely) she thought her listeners were stupid enough that we would.

PJsEveryday Fri 15-May-20 22:10:44

@TheCountessofFitzdotterel grin no. I mentioned (whilenwatching James bond) that he resembled Rory Kinnear. It really didnt go down well so I left the better looking sentiment to myself wink

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