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First symptom of Corona

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Maisieme Fri 15-May-20 10:49:49

If you’ve had coronavirus what was your first symptom please and how did it go from there?

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Lightsabre Fri 15-May-20 10:55:49

If you do a search look for the 'my lungs' threads - there are currently 8 threads - basically for those with initial symptoms and in the first few weeks.

therobin Fri 15-May-20 10:59:47

coughing and then shortness of breath - I couldn't walk across my average sized garden without having to stop to get my breath.

Maisieme Fri 15-May-20 11:12:28

Has anyone started with a runny nose? I’ve been home for 7 weeks and have a streaming nose but don’t get hay fever. Hoping it’s just a cold, but I haven’t been in contact with anyone!

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therobin Fri 15-May-20 12:20:19

Hay fever has been especially bad this year, all four of us have had it worse than ever.

Coronabored Fri 15-May-20 12:21:49

It's bad hayfever and I am guessing that's what the runny noses are. That's definitely what mine is.

therobin Fri 15-May-20 13:12:46

I've had awful hay fever for about two months now - on and off headache, raw sore throat intemittantly and intensely itchy eyes. Occasionally a runny nose.

T0tallyFuckedUpFamily Fri 15-May-20 13:16:09

I don’t think I’ve had it, but I have had a persistent cough for @ 12-13 weeks. It only happens when I get up to move about. Very weird. Anyway, to the point.

My neighbour was seriously ill in hospital with it, but thankfully is home and recovering. The weird thing was, she had absolutely no cough. All we hear from the television, is about the cough, but you don’t need to have the cough to have the virus.

womanvsfood Fri 15-May-20 13:20:42

Extreme tiredness and headache with sinus pain. Didn't have a cough at any point.

Bagelsandbrie Fri 15-May-20 13:22:34

I started with an upset stomach and dreadful stomach pain, then 3 days of fever that went up and down and then chest discomfort/ cough.

If you have a runny nose it’s more likely to be hay fever.

GeordieRacer Fri 15-May-20 13:25:28

Bone tired, with a headache and nausea. No runny nose at any point.

therobin Fri 15-May-20 13:40:13

If you aren't sure if it's hay fever or not get a cheap pack (they cost less than a pound) of antihistamines from the supermarket and start taking them. If they work (i.e. all your symptom go) then it's possibly not the corona virus and can save you a phone appt with the GP or a test.

Lightsabre Fri 15-May-20 13:53:02

There is a very comprehensive list of people who can be tested. Check if you or anyone in your household is eligible and then book a test.

weepingwillow22 Fri 15-May-20 13:56:17

Did anyones symptoms start with a sore throat?

Tonii1985 Fri 15-May-20 14:07:09

I'm interested in this too. I'm feverish, completely wiped out and have horrendous diarrhea and a headache. I've heard this could be early symptoms but obviously could be something else. I am a key worker and have booked a test.

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