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Unions - please join one!

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AlwaysQuestioningReality Fri 15-May-20 08:28:32

I know someone has posted this before and that my only comment here has been about Unions on another post but this is SO very important.

I keep reading the news and seeing the reports that rail workers are being supported by their unions to identify unsafe practices and will take action if they’re not mitigated; that teachers’ unions won’t contemplate a return to work unless they consider it safe to do so. Then I think of all those working in sectors which aren’t unionised (and are therefore unprotected) who will be going back to work on the say so of their employer alone.

Unions so often have a bad press but let’s be clear - it’s not about individuals being selfish or wanting to cause trouble. It’s about levelling the balance of power.

I haven’t looked into it in depth because in my industry the unions are obvious but please even if yours isn’t so obvious find one, together with your colleagues, and join.

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