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Should carpet fitters be working in occupied homes?

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Lardlizard Fri 15-May-20 05:31:21

Can totally understand unoccupied homes

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Ifailed Fri 15-May-20 05:41:54

If they wear PPE, why not?

Lardlizard Fri 15-May-20 05:58:49

Not wearing ppe

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daisypond Fri 15-May-20 06:01:32

If they are in a different room - as surely they must be - I don’t see why not. Trades people have always been allowed, now encouraged, to work.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 15-May-20 06:03:12

Yes , surely they can if cleaners etc are allowed in homes now.

Lardlizard Fri 15-May-20 06:05:20

When did the guidelines change regarding cleaners was it Monday or Wednesday ?

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Bluntness100 Fri 15-May-20 06:07:25

Actually the advice from the goverment has been cleaners can always work.

I also fail to see the risk if they wash their hands and social distance.

daisypond Fri 15-May-20 06:09:57

Cleaners have always been allowed to work. Everyone has, unless you work in a business closed by the government. I don’t see your objection. Is it because it’s a carpet fitter and not, say, a plumber?

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 15-May-20 06:10:05

Yes I’ve just had a google, cleaners and tradesman have always been able to work in people’s houses through lockdown as long as they have no symptoms.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Fri 15-May-20 06:11:26

The rule is, if you can’t work at home and you can socially distance at work then you should do so. That seems to apply to carpet fitters so yes they can.

Peggysgettingcrazy Fri 15-May-20 06:14:45

There was nothing that ever said they must stop. Or cleaners.

It seems that a large portion of the country and the media decided essential busineses only should open.

Lots of businesses closed and self employed people stop working, even though they didnt have to.

Now lots of them are going back.

NoCaseToAnswer Fri 15-May-20 06:34:41

They've always been permitted to.

userxx Fri 15-May-20 06:43:55

@Peggysgettingcrazy Yep, the bloody media and their shitty reporting caused no end of confusion.

SamSeabornforPresident Fri 15-May-20 06:44:53

Why are you asking?

Peggysgettingcrazy Fri 15-May-20 07:16:30

Yep, the bloody media and their shitty reporting caused no end of confusion.

Piers Morgan actually got involved with our company. Sent out a tweet saying they weren't essential and should be closed. Because the 15 year old daughter of an employee tweeted him and told him so. Again saying 'essentials only.

The plan was to limit work where people were alone (in their own working area) but safe. Mainly outdoor work while we got H&S in place to safely do more work. We ended up furloughing 96% of staff, after that tweet. Took 3 weeks to get everything place and started coming back.

We are a sizable company, it cost the government alot of money in furlough payments. When we could have worked safely and furloughed 43%.

But the Owners decides it wasn't worth the backlash.

The remaining staff were SLT or working on nightingales. Part of our work is working for the NHS. Several hospital (not nightgale) building sites were on hold because they needed us on site, to progress, and we had to close. They are our priority sites now.

Not really sure how that helped anyone.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Fri 15-May-20 07:19:00

I was going to say Piers Morgan was instrumental in pushing this idea that essential work only should be going on. It’s also why the furlough scheme has cost more than originally planned.

Utterlydespairing Fri 15-May-20 07:28:53

It’s fine. I don’t wear PPE at work

foxessocks Fri 15-May-20 07:46:58

I hope so be because I really want a carpet fitted, only problem is I'm not sure where might be open to buy a carpet from 🤔

ScrapThatThen Fri 15-May-20 07:53:30

Ours was fitted this week, they gave us fill instructions about distancing and leaving doors open so fitters could aim to not touch anything.

SavoyCabbage Fri 15-May-20 07:54:02

A friend posted on Facebook just last night asking if anyone knew of any carpet shops that were open and about five places responded that they were.

userxx Fri 15-May-20 07:55:48

@Peggysgettingcrazy Wow! I'm gobsmacked but also bloody angry by what you've said. Fucking unbelievable really. Piers Morgan can spout on all he wants with his millions in the bank, how dare he get involved, the arrogance of the man is off the chart.

wildthingsinthenight Fri 15-May-20 07:57:35

OP why have you started 2 threads about the same thing?

Littlemissdaredevil Fri 15-May-20 08:11:00

My carpet was due to be fitted to my empty unoccupied house a few days after lockdown but the carpet company has done no fittings for over seven weeks now.

Unfortunately, I had to move and I’m stuck in a house with a toddler with nothing on the floor apart from the kitchen/diner and bathroom.

Many people are stuck in houses with concrete floors and no carpet

All my rooms that require carpet are a decent size where social distancing can be maintained (if two fitters are required in one room)

Peggysgettingcrazy Fri 15-May-20 08:16:27

userxx in the first 29 minutes yesterday he mentioned his Aston Martin and the fact that he owns 4 homes.

All well and good when your job is secure and you are rich, to no worry about companies having to close and people already struggling losing a wage.

He is a disgrace.

jessy2018 Fri 15-May-20 09:15:32

We were in the same position - had a big carpet company booked mid April and it was cancelled. They called last week and fitted them monday ! Hope this gives you some reassurance? I took the kids out and my husband stayed in the garden until they were done .

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