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This is not aibu, it's a coronavirus thread so please have patience

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Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:04:01

So, I have asthma and I'm a smoker so I always have a cough.
But my cough has changed in that it's more productive (I'm told not a symptom) and I'm short of breath. I took the bins out earlier this evening and when I came up (one flight of stairs) I was puffing and panting like a horse that had ran the Grand National.
So, I'm ok sitting down, but I have a cough that I always have. It's just more phlegmy.
So, to calm you all down more, I filled out the 111 online form and it said to ring 999.
Here's the AIBU. Aibu to think that I don't have coronavirus and just maybe a chest infection. I have no temperature at all. My cough is usual, but unusually productive (more phlegm than usual).
What would you do. I'm sitting up, I have abdominal pain, but can move about the house, albeit, not fit to clean house or anything?

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Spartak Fri 15-May-20 05:29:43

Ring 111 for further advice. If they think you need an ambulance, they'll send one.

Medievalist Fri 15-May-20 05:31:42

What Spartak said.

oiboi Fri 15-May-20 05:34:20

Sorry to sound stupid, but do you need anything doing?

You may have any manner of something or nothing. If it was me I'd keep an eye on it and call 111/GP if I got worse, 999 if you get really worried and feel it's an emergency.

Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:35:12

An hour + waiting time to get through to 111. Not going to do that.

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Medievalist Fri 15-May-20 05:37:12

Well don't then 🤷‍♀️

Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:39:17

Ye, doctor yesterday told me to go to A&E due to pain, not CV.
I absolutely am petrified of hospitals (many reasons), so I was hoping that someone had a better solution.
I genuinely don't think it's cv, but no way of knowing and I suppose when I'm still well enough to move to the toilet and stuff, there's no point calling.
I'm just worried about the pain in my chest and the breathlessness.

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Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:42:11

The pain is not in my lungs.

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ChateauMargaux Fri 15-May-20 05:42:43

You still need to be seen by a doctor even if it's not CV. A chest infections still needs to be treated. There could be inflammation in your lungs for any number of reasons, but they still need to be seen. Struggling for breath is a concern.

darkforceofexcesszeal Fri 15-May-20 05:46:23

A doctor told you to go to a & e yesterday but you decided to wait over 24 hours and ask mumsnet randoms instead?
And we are supposed to be kind?
You have chest pain. And breathlessness.
Go to a & e.

HelpPleaseNoHateNeeded Fri 15-May-20 05:47:12

Can you describe your pain? Type of pain, exact area, worse when moving, on inspiration etc, duration, does it come and go? Sorry for all the qs. I won't give medical advice, but I can possibly point you in the right direction.

However, ALWAYS follow your certified HCP's advice. The only reason I'm asking the questions is because it sounds like you are scared, and reluctant to. thanks

Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:47:54

I'm not concerned about cough as it's a looser cough than when I am bad with a chest infection. What I AM concerned about is that I'm puffing and panting after climbing one flight of stairs. I know shortness of breath is a symptom.
I suppose I'm asking do I sign up to the CV 111 or the non CV111 with my stomach pain!?

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HelpPleaseNoHateNeeded Fri 15-May-20 05:49:11


It doesn't hurt to be kind. OP has stated she is frightened of hospitals, and in this climate it's not unfounded. Yes, s/he should follow drs advice, there are nicer ways to encourage that.

Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:49:48

Pain is a gnawing pain in my solar plexus, radiating to my left side. My bloods were fine on Sunday (no indications of anything wrong).

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HampsteadHeathen Fri 15-May-20 05:56:30

I would follow your GPs advice and go to A&E. Can someone drive you or can you get a cab? Take a bag of essentials.

Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:56:35

My GP had referred me to a bowel specialist back in December, but obviously that didn't happen, because I'm having weird symptoms there too. Blooming GP just tells you to go to A&E.

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HelpPleaseNoHateNeeded Fri 15-May-20 05:57:30

Sorry love, but you really do need to get to an ED, whether that's by getting someone to drive you/cab or by ambulance if you don't have the means to get there. In fact, ambulance might be best in this case (and I don't say that lightly, given my occupation), for a couple of reasons -

1) you're having what is considered active chest pain with SOB which can be a life threatening emergency, paramedics are the best people to safely assess in a preheated hospital setting and transport you to hospital in this situation

2) normal bloods are reassuring but no guarantee that you aren't having a cardiac event

3) triage will be carried out with regards your covid19 status and allow you to be transported to the correct zone at hospital and will ensure that medical staff caring for you are properly protected.

Hope you are well soon lovely, I know hospitals are deeply unpleasant at the best of times, but even now they're the best place to be if you are very unwell, which it's possible you are. Tell staff that you're scared and they will take that into account and make things as easy for you as they realistically can.

Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 05:59:17

That's the thing, I've no referral letter from GP which will explain their initial observations, so I'm not going to pay £25 for some jobsworth to tell me that I don't need A&E. And when I need A&E, I'm not well enough to get there by myself.

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Chinchinatti Fri 15-May-20 06:02:15


Thanks for your lovely message. I am taking the bits of advice that I can take.

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HelpPleaseNoHateNeeded Fri 15-May-20 06:03:21

I'm not in the uk (although used to be), what's the 25gbp for? And you don't need a referral for emergency, surely. It's a myth that if you can get to hospital yourself then you always definitely should - in a large majority of cases, yes, but there are times when an ambulance is warranted even though you physically can get there. This sounds like one of them.

Mnthrowaway20202 Fri 15-May-20 06:03:44

You know you can fully access 111 online, so no need to call? Essentially skipping the long wait time to get the same advice, if you need go to A&E it will prompt you, or will arrange a call back with a practitioner etc. Use it.

IncrediblySadToo Fri 15-May-20 06:04:20

A DOCTOR yesterday told you to go to A&E

You need to do that, they don't say it for shits & giggles

I know you're scared of hospital, but you need to go. You risk being in an emergency situation if you leave it any longer

Why did you have your bloods done on Sunday?

Mnthrowaway20202 Fri 15-May-20 06:07:03

Regardless of your stomach pain you’d be initially triaged as a suspected covid case due to your cough & shortness of breath

tara66 Fri 15-May-20 06:14:10

Just dial 999 - the medics will come to you and see if you are OK or not. No problem. Better do it now - prob. not so busy this time of day.

NuovaMoi Fri 15-May-20 06:24:45

I’m an asthmatic like you and what you’re describing is like what I get sometimes. I think you need to see someone simply to get antibiotics for the chest infection or steroids as it may get worse

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