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Mouthwash: the next thing to run out in stores

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H1978 Thu 14-May-20 15:48:10

Just seen a sky news article on whether mouthwash can reduce infections of the virus
Who thinks this is going to be the next mad rush shopping item which is going to run out? grin

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PerditaProvokesEnmity Thu 14-May-20 17:14:29

By the time I got to the end of the article earlier this afternoon I knew it was too late to amend next week's Ocado order ...

H1978 Thu 14-May-20 17:23:28

Haha 🤣 should I start stockpiling too? I’ve got a few bottles from when someone recommend it for nits and I got a few bottles having three dds with long hair

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ChippityDoDa Thu 14-May-20 17:24:29

My sister (a doctor working in Australia) told me months ago to get a zinc throat spray or mouthwash as it can help kill viruses that live in the throat at an early stage. I thought it couldn’t hurt so I got one. My DH had covid at the start of March (he’s fine now) and I didn’t catch it/or if I did I certainly didn’t have any symptoms other than one day or sore throat and a bit headachey. Of course I’m not saying I had covid (no testing) as it could easily have been another mild virus. I used the spray daily from mid feb, DH didn’t. We’ll never know if it made any difference!!!

PicsInRed Thu 14-May-20 17:31:32

Yes! This so true OP 😂

H1978 Thu 14-May-20 19:43:06

@ChippityDoDa that’s really interesting maybe there is something in it

@PicsInRed 😂 let the madness commence!

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