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Question about meeting person from another household...

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ComtesseDeSpair Thu 14-May-20 23:47:04

This really is where common sense comes in. It is “one person at a time” for no other reason than because meeting in large groups tends to result in people getting over-excited and forgetting to keep the required distance from each other. Logic states that since you and your DC are all part of the same household, you are all as much (or as little, because frankly that’s what it is) a transmission risk as each other. If you have a baby in a sling and a toddler in a stroller then you’ll be fine to remember to keep 2m from your mum. And the police aren’t going to come and fine you. They really aren’t interested in some woman with a couple of kids in tow meeting her mum in the park; if they do act it’s large gatherings and parties they’ll tackle,

hermionegrange Thu 14-May-20 17:15:43

I left the toddler at home and took the baby, I wore him on me, as we are breastfeeding.

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cantdothisnow1 Thu 14-May-20 15:21:22

well judging by what I've just seen in the park I wouldn't worry about it, no one else seems to be.

BakedCam Thu 14-May-20 13:14:35

It is a very good question, OP. My understanding is that children in such a situation, for example a lone parent, are not included. Therefore, it would still count as one household meeting another.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can come along and clarify.

PumpkinP Thu 14-May-20 13:11:58

this question has been asked a lot on here. I’m not counting my children as I have 4 and am a single parent; where I go they go and if I want to meet someone with them then yes I will.

HathorX Thu 14-May-20 13:09:16

Yes, irritatingly I believe that does count as 3 people and you have to leave the kids at home. I'm sorry, I wish I could answer differently!

hermionegrange Thu 14-May-20 13:03:38

Can I take my two year old in his buggy and have my baby strapped to me in a baby carrier, and meet someone from another household if we are 2m apart?

Does that count as three people from my household?

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